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  1. ECFCNo1

    Sonny Cox

    Second league one goal, he scored last season against Oxford, but this angle shows what a good finish it actually was, with the ball coming in at pace and taking a big deflection he adjusted his body brilliantly to make sure he didn't put that over the bar.
  2. ECFCNo1

    Bristol Rovers Tickets (postponed)

    Have has been postponed, international call ups as Vincent Harper gets called up for Kenya
  3. ECFCNo1

    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    Or for the women's team maybe? If the college would let us add a structure?
  4. ECFCNo1

    New Steve Perryman book

    I saw Steve in Southernhay about 2 months ago in full Exeter City tracksuit, anyone know if he is still involved in the club at all? I can't imagine its his usual attire :LOL:
  5. ECFCNo1

    The Pitch

    Ha, definitely not, comparing pictures I’ve taken over the years it’s either moved or been made longer, it’s no big deal I guess just didn’t know if anyone else had noticed too.
  6. ECFCNo1

    The Pitch

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before but it was my first match this season yesterday for various reasons but from my regular view on the bank it was the first time I have not been able to see the goal line, does anyone know if the new pitch is slightly longer or has it just been moved...
  7. ECFCNo1

    Exeter City vs Northampton Town Matchday Thread

    Jake Taylor got the goal.
  8. ECFCNo1

    The End of Season Run In

    experimental361.com is a site I look at quite regularly which is fairly in depth when it comes to stats. The league 2 probability that they have come up with can be found here https://experimental361.com/2018/03/26/e-ratings-update-league-2-26-mar-2018/
  9. ECFCNo1

    Exeter City v Swindon Town Matchday Thread

    Highlights now up.........http://www.skysports.com/football/exeter-vs-swindon/374529
  10. ECFCNo1

    Exeter City v Swindon Town Matchday Thread

    Now it's 1-1...............
  11. ECFCNo1

    how does City's current form rate 1)historically 2)nationally

    Here's the updated form table. Not much has changed but we have now been to of this table for the last 3 weeks.
  12. ECFCNo1

    how does City's current form rate 1)historically 2)nationally

    This is the football league power rankings prior to tonight's game. Makes for good reading.
  13. ECFCNo1

    Exeter City vs Shrewsbury Town Matchday Thread

    According to the radio, Hamon has been the better off the two keepers in training for the last two months so he giving him a chance.
  14. ECFCNo1

    Pym and Grimes for England!

    An own goal according to the England twitter feed.
  15. ECFCNo1

    Grimes on FA.com

    Nice little article on the FA.com including an interview with Matt Grimes about our current form. http://www.thefa.com/news/england/development/2014/sep/matt-grimes-believes-exeter-can-go-blow-to-blow-with-best-of-league-two-290914 I see it mentions the next U20's game is on 9th October in...