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  1. Devonisgreen

    Evening all

    Out celebrating our win in a bit, booked a taxi for SEVEN o'clock, hope you have a great night you greasy mugs.
  2. Devonisgreen

    Argyle (Away) 31st October

    Try the Embassy Club at Milehouse, a warm welcome guaranteed (y)
  3. Devonisgreen

    Gordon Sparks

    Some classy comments from decent Greeks, good stuff chaps 👏
  4. Devonisgreen

    Good Evening

    How un4tunate :ROFLMAO:
  5. Devonisgreen


    Just over half that but good effort.
  6. Devonisgreen


    I see you've only been able to muster 11 thousand saddos for your big day out in that there London, pathetic.
  7. Devonisgreen

    Job for life.

    Enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhtcluY9FW4
  8. Devonisgreen

    Job for life.

  9. Devonisgreen

    Job for life.

  10. Devonisgreen

    Hello to all

    1, You're more than welcome to it. 2, Do they have the power to sack Grimsdale ? 3, Thanks. (rofl)
  11. Devonisgreen

    Ryan Brunt!

    What a despicable little lush you are.
  12. Devonisgreen

    Should be quiet on here tonight Lads.

    Anyone who spends more than 3 minutes a week on this board is either a masochist or a bit 'special'. zzzzzzzzz
  13. Devonisgreen

    Scum home.

    You're the one asking the question, not me.
  14. Devonisgreen

    Scum home.

    Ask your carer.
  15. Devonisgreen

    Should be quiet on here tonight Lads.

    Not interested in your private life chump.
  16. Devonisgreen

    Should be quiet on here tonight Lads.

    Quality bhey, have you enjoyed half-term ?
  17. Devonisgreen

    Should be quiet on here tonight Lads.

    I see your relegation scrap is going the way of the home team. (rofl)
  18. Devonisgreen

    Scum home.

    I'd be surprised if home improvement grants weren't available for the mentally deficient such as yourself fox.
  19. Devonisgreen

    From 'Banter' To Pity.