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  1. jambo

    Exeter City vs Peterborough Utd. Match day thread.

    For those bemoaning our 1st half display: Peterborough were excellent 1st half, strong, fast, well-drilled, & worked a ferocious & coordinated press. They were helped in this by the conditions - the wind made long clearances pretty much impossible. But their press did open spaces in the...
  2. jambo

    Will Aimson joins on a permanent contract

    I'm guessing that was shouted Loudly... The "tackle" that gave away the penalty spoke volumes as to where Aimson's head is at - he'd been run ragged by the outstanding Mason-Clarke, he was beaten again, but no way he should have even been thinking of trying to make a tackle in that position...
  3. jambo

    Exeter City vs Luton - EFL Cup - match day thread.

    Harsh, Sturtz - I was sitting close to the pitch in the NOG, closer to the away end - & when Mitchell went off, & Cox dropped back into the midfield, he got through a lot of work pressurising Luton players running at our defence. Definitely not plodding!!
  4. jambo

    Alex Hartridge

    Agree with this. I think it's telling that Caldwell identified this as Hartridge's main weakness very early on last season. He now looks switched on constantly, & it's clear that his confidence & self-belief have blossomed at the same time.
  5. jambo

    Transfer Deadline Day Thread

    Aye - but Peterbrough's chairman communicates bags of sh*te when he communicates.
  6. jambo

    Ollie Watkins

    Doubly enjoyable...
  7. jambo

    What was the last pub you visited...

    Nah - skip it - Poachers every time.
  8. jambo

    Sky Blue in Peace

    Apart from Nigel, obvs :ROFLMAO:
  9. jambo

    Transfers in/outs Summer of 2023 and Retained list

    Not that bad, Max - but, more to the point, definitely not as good as our own Borges, nor with comparable potential.
  10. jambo

    Jevani Brown

    It's worth reading the Devon Live report closely - there's more at stake in the case than "just" the criminal behaviour to which Brown has pleaded guilty.
  11. jambo

    Diversity on Exeweb

    This is actually a true story. Just ask exeweb legend scaramanga.
  12. jambo

    Latest Club News..

    As a (more or less) lifelong vegetarian, I can tell you that the veggie dishes that Chefchenko is producing are pretty much all a step up from what's vailable at restaurants in the city....Herbies included.
  13. jambo

    Welcome Jack Aitchison

    Erring towards wedgie left footers....
  14. jambo

    Jamal Blackman

    Someone who commits to training hard?
  15. jambo

    Jack Sparkes

    I have no idea, obviously... ... But I get the sense that he may have been offered something like a one year contract, on the assumption of limited playing time, on low wages. This is probably about right - he would bring something to the squad as a back up player, but Mitchell is clearly...
  16. jambo

    Exeter v Lincoln Matchday Thread

    Fully concur with the write of Saturday's ref, Sunny Gill - easily the best offical I've seen at the Park in a very long time.
  17. jambo

    Is there something wrong or not quite right?

    I haven't had the opportunity to read all of this thread, so apologies in advance if I repeat something that's already been said... It's interesting, I think, that most of the focus of the discussion that I've been able to read has been on Caldwell. There's certainly a stark difference between...
  18. jambo

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Two things stand out for me, Geoff. First, the Club backed Big Gazza in a way that, for whatever reasons, it hasn't been able to do in transfer windows past - not just in fronting up the cash to bring players in, but committing to keeping players whom we might otherwise have "had" to sell to...
  19. jambo

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    I wouldn't expect much from Mitchell as a left-back in a back four - I don't think he's an upgrade, defensively, on Sparkes. His value comes from his pace, & ability to attack from deep on the left flank. (plus - what Max said)
  20. jambo

    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    I'd be surprised if there were other clubs trying to sign him. He has had a bad spell with (impact) injuries - but he's been fit for a while now, & hasn't had a look in under Johnson at Hibs. He clearly had no future there, & they're desperately trying to rebuild their squad - it looks like...