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    Proposal for Trust ballot re removal of Tisdale

    Just looking through our results this season and that's our fourth 3-2 win this season. Wheeler has scored the winner in 3 of them too.
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    Would you take Edwards over Tisdale now?

    If a straight swap was offered now, would you take Edwards over Tisdale as the City manager? At the start of the season I certainly would have, not so sure now though.
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    Realistic options - if Tisdale did ever go ?

    Why so negative towards Peters? I only started watching City regularly the year we went down and although I don't remember much from the season I thought he came in and did a great job to nearly keep us up?
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    Would Tisdale leave with a good reputation?

    2006 - 2011 (or whenever it was that we finished 8th in League) were some great times, excitement in pretty much every season and I used to enjoy watching the vast majority of games. 2011 - 2014 has been awful and I've gradually stopped caring. I think his first 4-5 seasons will be forgotten...
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    An Open Letter to the Echo re: Tisdale (Petition)

    Re: An Open Letter to the Echo re: Tisdale You need to put the petition link in the opening post, or create a new thread with the title relating to the petition.
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    Jamie Cureton

    & another assist for him today so I think that's 3 goals and at least 2 assists. Would trade 2-3 of our players for him.
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    Former Players

    Lost 3-2 after being 2-0 up. Hope they give Rob time, I can imagine the fans getting on his back soon.
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    Pricing Overhaul - Before it's too late

    The senior citizen prices are a joke and should be looked at. I was going to take my grandad up today and we couldn't believe it when we saw it was £25. I took him up last year and I think I remember him paying £18(?) that's an extra £7!! He's never going to buy in advance as he only goes...
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    ECFC Talk

    How many backroom staff does Tisdale currently have? I can only think of Gwinnett.
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    Danny Coles gone??

    Is there a one in one out policy with regards to our transfer embargo? Someone mentioned it to me today but I wasn't sure if it was correct.
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    Brazil trip - the verdict

    You forgot to add the opportunity to attend a samba party...
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    Don't think you'll find many on here who didn't want the game to take place (PeteUSA aside). Majority just not impressed with how it's been handled.
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    Rob Edwards

    What was Rob Edwards record with the U21s? Other than the cup run I don't have a clue, is there a league table out there? (is there a U21 league?)
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    Matt Gill

    If I was a Tranmere fan I wouldn't be too impressed with the signings of Richards and Gill. Not fussed about either of them going to be honest. (Though Gill was excellent during his first spell mind)
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    I really don't see how there was ever any money to be made from this? Who outside of our club is going to give a toss about us playing Fluminese. I have no interest in it and I'm a city fan!!
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    Gate Prices 2014-2015

    Used to go to pretty much every game until my student card expired and I had to start paying full adult prices, these days I pick and choose. It would be even less if these prices are correct, especially as I go with people who sit in the Doble! £29 to watch City! They must be having a laugh!!!!
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    Brasil away.. Who's going?

    I honestly wouldn't go to the game if it was in Exeter so bugger going to Brazil for it. Surely any football fan thinking of heading to Brazil next year would rather go out 3 weeks before and catch the world cup.
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    The Siege!

    It was probably the worst atmosphere I've ever seen from City fans. Can't blame the lack of a roof as when we did sing it could be heard pretty clear, and Walsall managed to create a decent atmosphere last week at SJP with about 1/4 of the fans! Thought Yeovil fans were excellent in the second...
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    Jamie Mackie goes to QPR

    Quality player with a great attitude, don't know why so many seem to dislike him. Can't blame him for going to Plymouth while we were in the conference and they were in the Championship.
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    M5 Crash....

    F*cking horrendous!!! Can't see the game being off but I don't imagine there will be many Carlisle fans at all now.