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  1. wrekin

    League One: 2011-12 Comparison

    It is a bit alarming that, besides us, only 4 of the teams who finished in the bottom half that season are still in the EFL. All the rest have either gone pop or are in the National Leagues. Leyton Orient were 1 of that 4, and they also had a stint in the National League but have subsequently...
  2. wrekin

    Vincent Harper signs

    I'm getting a vibe of Scott Golbourne from this guy. Welcome and good luck.
  3. wrekin

    Obituary Thread

    Performer of the official anthem of the 1989/90 championship win. As much as that particular song was not really my cup of tea, I get taken right back with that opening beat. Always liked her, a great talent and a sad loss.
  4. wrekin

    My New Football Club Podcast

    double post.
  5. wrekin

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Not given QOTPOD a go, but TBBT is always excellent. Perfect fit for the commute home too. I do really like MNFC but I think it is at it's best when focussed on being a lower league fan in general rather than specifically about ECFC. An odd thing for a City fan to say, I know. They've had some...
  6. wrekin

    FGR @ SJP - Prediction & Discussion Thread

    To have a sell-out (almost) for a home league fixture in mid-January against Forest Green when we are sat in mid table is mad. For most of the 35 years I've been supporting City you wouldn't achieve that if you only charged £1 entry. Enjoy this while it lasts.
  7. wrekin

    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Yes, 16 teams to qualify from Europe. The proposed structure of WC2026 is ridiculous. 16 groups of 3 with 2 qualifying from each group into an additional ‘round of 32’ knockout. Teams will only get 2 group games and as the final round of group games can’t involve all teams, you can imagine the...
  8. wrekin

    My New Football Club Podcast

    Dan from BBT has a ticket for the Argyle game, but no-one yet to go down with and he can't drive. David from MNFC is unsure about going. He wants to drive down but doesn't know where to go and needs someone to show him. Why not a coming together of the pods?
  9. wrekin

    Summer Transfer Thread

    If we do actually sign a player we should have an open top bus parade through the city to present him to the people of Exeter culminating in a formal handover at the Guildhall with the Lord Mayor and Matt Taylor in full ceremonial attire. It feels like the wait justifies at least that.
  10. wrekin

    The Auto(s) Charge

    We also shouldn’t forget that from the 6 games from Colchester in November up to FGR in January we amassed just 2 points. In that period we played Colchester, Rochdale, Northampton and Tranmere, all teams we still have to play again. We had injuries then as we do now. We are well capable of a...
  11. wrekin

    Memorable Boxing Day games

    City 2 Argyle 0, 1992. We hammered them, should have been more. Such a great game and great atmosphere in the shed. I’ve still got the game on VHS but haven’t had anything to play it on for 15 years. Can’t bring myself to bin it.
  12. wrekin

    Exeter City v Bradford City FA Cup 1st Round Replay Match Day Thread

    That game is still the best and loudest away atmosphere I’ve experienced with City in over 35 years. As any of the 3,000 in attendance will attest, we were awesome that day. And we lost! Strangely in the worst, most miserable season by far in all that time too.
  13. wrekin

    Exeter City v Bradford City FA Cup 1st Round Replay Match Day Thread

    Reminds me of when we played at Charlton in R3 a while back. Charlton wanted to slash the ticket prices to attract a crowd for a game against a lowly League 2 club. We did the sums and refused. Good decision from our Board which was, err, Russell and Lewis.
  14. wrekin

    Red Legion Disbanded

    I think you mean Beau Hunks or the Flying Deuces. Sons of the Desert was the one where they went to a convention in Chicago without telling their wives and got caught out. Sorry to be a pedant.
  15. wrekin

    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle official matchday thread

    Great coverage from the BBC website.
  16. wrekin

    Noah Smerdon signs from Gloucester City for an undisclosed fee, will wear the number 31 shirt

    As good a sign as any that Matt will be playing a 2-2-2-2-2 formation next season
  17. wrekin

    Tisdale V Taylor

    Really? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.475695,-1.8699437,3a,37.5y,34.09h,86.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sSg3lpGeSgHXo9yC8CFOMkA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  18. wrekin

    SJP redevelopment Plan A/B discussion

    Nice photo. Does anyone have an image of SJP with the new Big Bank and old Cowshed together? Whilst never used at the same time (shame) the old Cowshed structure did still stand for a short while after the Big Bank reopened. Would be a nice bridge between old and new.
  19. wrekin

    Nostalgic City songs

    Anyone remember the correct last line to this one? Who's that jumping off the ferry? who's that drowning in the sea? Its Argyle boys making all the ****** noise cos one of 'em has fallen in the sea Other popular ones around late 80's/early 90's in the Shed were Molly Malone.., One man and his...