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    Exeter City vs Luton - EFL Cup - match day thread.

    Really good interview from the opposition manager. PS I find these summaries really useful. Often I've seen everything already, but the summary gives me the chance to catch what I'd otherwise miss (like the Luton manager interview)
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    Matt Taylor - A Man on a Mission

    Doesn't the Exe run predominantly north-south through Exeter? I think those 'ruffians ' you refer to must be in Alphington or Exminster.;) (looks nervously over shoulder for a Hants reprimand re straying off topic)
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    theoretically. But clubs think in the modern world that playing games too close together can cause injuries etc. So a Thursday game would be confined to the Premier League sides whose fixtures the following weekend take place on Sunday or Monday. Of the six teams involved on those days only...
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    Crediton United vs Exeter City - Devon St Luke’s Challenge Cup - match day thread.

    Mmm.. a 'young side' fielded by City. It was (very) young. But it included a couple of first year professionals in Borges and Beardmore. Haven't City played U18 sides in the Devon Bowl in recent years?
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    Ollie Watkins

    £33m IIRC. It was £28m + £5m in add ons. £38m comes from double counting of the £5m add ons in some reporting.
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    they can ask and City may agree. The only people who can insist on the date in that week they want are Sky, if they choose to show it.
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    Another pattern is that we've been drawn at home to sides in each of the four divisions from which clubs in this competition come. League Two,League One, Premiership,Championship.
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    Don Goodman - Exeter City legend.Huh!Draw from (wrong) SJP.
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    I've been coming to the same conclusion. I have a flight back to the UK from Lanzarote on the Thursday of the week of the game - so I've been working through some permutations about coming back early for any 'too good to miss' fixtures. So I've checked out flights back to...
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    And get revenge for that 12-2 defeat when we played them in the League Cup before...
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    Joe O'Connor

    interesting that the loan to Tavistock is just one month. Possibly because a) we're not taking chances with our injury list or more likely b) we will want to get him a loan at a higher level soon.
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    Demetri Mitchell signs on for City

    Action now GC/City board! Demi said in the interview above that the worst thing in football is waiting to see if your contract is renewed when it is coming to an end. We should see if we could put his mind to rest asap!
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    w/c 30 October, so will be Halloween 31 October or 1 November...
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    League Cup Fourth Round Draw (last 16)

    clucking bell....I am abroad on holiday the week of the 4th round...somehow didn't realise the date of the League Cup 4th round ....
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    Moving on - Luton on Tuesday, thoughts.

    really disappointing re Trevitt. Got to hope that the fitness of Kite,Taylor,Harper,Watts,Wildschut and Scott to play significant minutes is improving game by game.
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    Social media presence

    Indeed. I sometimes think the purpose of a public vote is for the organisers to harvest loads of personal details from all those who vote.
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    Matt Taylor - A Man on a Mission

    IIRC He and Rotherham were very unlucky early in the season with two key decisions (a penalty and a sending off?) that the referees subsequently acknowledged were wrong. Those (subsequently officially acknowledged too be wrong) decisions cost Rotherham something like 3 points. If those mistakes...
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    Thank you Pierce Sweeney!!! (To Swindon Town and now Exeter)

    apologies- I think you're right, (I should have put an 'and' where that comma was).
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    Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

    as well as a record defeat is this going to be a record for length of a Match Day Thread? 57 pages and counting, plus posts every day for a week...
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    Thank you Pierce Sweeney!!! (To Swindon Town and now Exeter)

    So if I read the article correctly, at different times MT dropped Sweenz, transfer listed him, took his squad number away.. and tried to cut his wages...