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    Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

    This is the best described post anyones made. Woods hardly covered himself in glory with that display. As the most senior profesional player in Citys line-up, he should have been encouraging the youngsters in front of him, As it was, he played like he didnt give a sh*t, and in some cases he...
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    Exeter City vs Reading - EFL Trophy - match day thread. 7pm kick off

    What was the attendance for this game?
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    Welcome Gary Woods

    I dont know who Shaun McDonald is.
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    Welcome Gary Woods

    That sums it up for me. Woods is clearly not a League 1 level keeper. I had hoped that he wouldnt get selected again following that devastatingly bad game he had towards the end of last season, where we lost by about four goals, all of which he was in part culpable for. He appeared to give up in...
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    Welcome Gary Woods

    I never saw George Hunter, Alan Barnett, Peter Shearing or Bob Wilson commit any howlers!
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    Exeter City vs Stevenage match day thread. League Cup 2nd Round. 7.45pm KO

    Can we please stop the "Satanage'? Give them a nickname by all means, but that is so inoppropriate, and it doesnt really work. I blame greasy Ian for starting it.
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    Exeter City Versus Blackpool Saturday 12th August 2023 Kick Off 3.00 at St James Park. Prediction and discussion thread.

    Aren't we waiting until after midnight on a matchday to start a matchday thread anymore?
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    Trevor Francis

    Also sadly no longer with us.
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    Starting line up based on players under contract

    I keep seeing Woods name featuring in all these projected starting elevens. If that really is the case, we're in the sh#t!
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    Starting line up based on players under contract

    I'm wondering if Lee is considered good enough, although he should be at age 18. There must be something of concern with him, for him to be repeatedly loaned out like he is. At 18 he's pretty much as accomplished as he's going to get. If he has weaknesses, they're permanent.
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    Starting line up based on players under contract

    So what are we doing about getting a keeper in? We've got Woods, who is total crap, and Lee who isnt ready yet!
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    Ipswich Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Just saw the goal highlights; I dont think Woods was at fault technically with any of the six goals, but his attitude in so doing was to me appalling. He just strolled around, appearing to not give a sh*t! Quite the worst attitude I've seen from a City keeper in a long time! Did he not want to...
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    SJP capacity

    Brilliant idea! That away end should never have been buggered about with in the first place, theres where we lost about 2,000 off of our capacity. Creating a pathway along the back and putting a snackbar back there is a total joke, and waste of space! It should be restored to the way it was...
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    Exeter City FC Vs Derby County FC - Matchday Thread

    One solitary post here that pretty much sums up the goal that Blackman conceded. It really doesnt matter how poor the City 'wall' was, it was set in such a way that Blackman could see that ball from the moment it was struck, he clearly followed the balls flight, and had he kept his arms...
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    Exeter City FC Vs Derby County FC - Matchday Thread

    Nobody else seems to have mention this: Why on earth did our keeper pull his arms away from the ball in flight for their first goal? He appeared to look back as if he thought the ball was going wide! With his reach, he would have easily got to that had he tried.
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    City v Argyle - Matchday Thread

    As an aside, I couldnt help but notice that a signicant number of very excited Argyle fans surged forward in the corner when their goal went in! Were all those people segregated from the general population of the Big Bank?
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    The Official Exeter City versus Accrington Stanley 'who are they?' Matchday Thread

    Love how their keeper goes crazy at his defence for all those goals, he really should have done better with the last three, particularly the last one, on his near post!
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    The official Exeter City v Cambridge United matchday thread

    Good thing he follows exeweb then?