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    Season Tickets 23/24 season

    Was it not Terry Cooper who said in the E, Echo after a few bad results some rumblings in the crowd alot of the blokes turn up on a Saturday afternoon just to escape the wife,
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    Joma to Adidas

    Nightmare for the washing lady ?
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    League 1 News 22-23

    That will be one away day that i will not do next season,,, Not the best way to make friends in league ONE Reading F.C.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Perhaps they can now build there goalkeeper up over the summer to prevent him from blowing over in the wind next season at S.J.P.
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    Summer holiday plans..

    3 weeks in Ireland starting the south ending up in Northern Ireland ,must say Hotel prices are very silly return to Birkenhead from Belfast 2 days in Liverpool. ( Hoping to get a wander near Everton new stadium)
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    Farewell Mike Cooper - enjoy retirement

    Would be good to hear this from the big bank on Sunday
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    Ipswich Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    We go we follow the City we enjoy the banter we hope we pray we just ask for 100% for 90 minutes , Coach 5.45 early start thankyou to all at East Devon Travel, you Reds
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    Exeter City FC Vs Derby County FC - Matchday Thread

    The Derby goalkeeper should be ashamed i would say more mouse than man ( CHEAT)
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    City v Argyle - Matchday Thread

    We had one of those ambassador chaps on our coach to Peterborough Monday and yes on the M5 he pulls out a Ginsters pasty me sat next to him,That has put paid to a City result today
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    With the change in kits ie away colours if a little thought went into merchandise dept scarfs hats etc as away fan this season many a game in red & white when the home team were R& White.Could be a good earner.
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    Cheltenham Town vs Exeter City matchday thread

    A complete T--T who threw the flare after our goal the delay gave Cheltenham time to regroup and go again. Cant understand they did not have the gloves & bucket near pitch side.
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    Cheltenham Town vs Exeter City matchday thread

    Well done f.b.h. departing for coach in 45 mins win lose or draw we follow E.C.F.C
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Me too they made us very welcome on our visit earlier in the season. Was very impressed with the new social club, biggest T.V i have seen
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    Fleetwood Town away - Saturday 1 April

    East Devon Travel
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    'Cans for City' - revived

    I am getting old and live in Sidmouth can get to Seaton no problem have a combo type van if i can help,
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    Proposal To End Free Parking In The Evening At Exeter City Centre Car Parks

    The park &ride at Honiton Road became a disaster for E.C.F.C fans after stagecoach route change. Yet they can put on special buses from the city to Sandy Park on match days
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    SJP what the hell happened yesterday ?

    Its a very big drum for Matt to carry
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    Matt Taylor - A Man on a Mission

    3 weeks and he will be available for selection , just as S.S was for the City !!!
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    If i remember it right when Gerry arrived he said he would get city out of league 3 ,,, He did we went straight back to League 4...
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    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    Always remember this from my days in construction. P.P.P.P.PP. Perfect Planning Prevents P---s Poor Performance