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    Welcome Gary Caldwell - new manager

    As a club we have to set our standards of expectations higher. Our average will increase after Pompey by a few more. We have set the bar too low strategically for years.
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    FA Youth Cup: Exeter City vs Oxford United matchday thread. KO 7pm.

    I believe his former youth coach in the Witney and District and Oxford leagues is a regular Exeter away follower.
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    Morecambe v Exeter City Matchday Thread.

    The stewards also realised they were going to have a mass riot. Not seen to mild mannered City fans stepping in and protesting, I have to say it was a proud moment for our club, to see how they were treated was awful. Has to be said the kids were well looked after and soon had smiles on their...
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    Morecambe away - now Friday night

    Two spaces in a car from Northants area
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Plus a tranche of Joel money and money from the loan for Ampadu, he might even get sold in the window, who knows?
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    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    Just got home the poor souls that travelled, that was absolutely awful. People arguing in the stands and our amazing support was let down. Off out for a curry. That is all.
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    They make £90 sales per head based on 13500 average attendance and retails sales of circa £1.29M on a club TO of £11.3M. They published the figures online.
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    Seniors ECFC Xmas Party - 8th December Up the Club - Encourage our senior fans to attend.

    I have asked Richard to look into that. ADMINS can this be a sticky
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    Seniors ECFC Xmas Party - 8th December Up the Club - Encourage our senior fans to attend.

    Supporting Richard Knight on this event. They have a few tickets left. Encourage a family member to attend and those not online. Meet the players and pull a cracker with Matt Jay. Please get this out to family and friends and give someone some Xmas joy. Especially thinking of those that are...
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    Trust Forum - Tues 22 November

    We dont make much money from the deal and their are better local options. Harrier in Newton Abbott with Trust members on the management team, could offer more profitable goods. some fans even ear their own shirts produced by them. If a youth football team can make more from their brand working...
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    Trust Forum - Tues 22 November

    The Trust members voted for the Board in place, and therefore if the Trust is cumbersome and bogged down that is down to the membership. Look at the people that have not been successful and dont re-stand, look at the number of times the Trust has received discretely ideas and contacts and that...
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    Youth 22/23

    What was the Academy? Seeing these programmes on Palace, Leeds and other, should be an attractive source of players now.
  13. Thames Valley Red

    Youth 22/23

    Is that the number 6 lad on your tube, that looks massive and had good feet and a turn of pace? He stood out for me watching the you tube of the last match. Refreshing to see a big lad coming through the Academy. (I know Pond and Diabete)
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    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    The Ipswich fans and me and the lad suffered the road closure, and has been said RIP to the poor driver. We left at 0630 for the game and arrived 1 hour before kick-off. A extra hour on the journey, we really do need to whip up the support with some targeted music and organised crowd...
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    Playing budget

    The money in the bank according to the accounts is closer to £1m and they male circa £180k from subs I think.
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    Trust Election - AL Yates Thread

    Thanks for the question and interaction. I am presently really suffering with COVID, which is why I am limiting activity, as you PMd me privately the answers are only 3 games missed games home and away from the Midlands. I attend all the Trust meetings online, as a member and a helper. I also...
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    Trust Election - AL Yates Thread

    As a candidate I have made a decision to respond only to messages, where the person identifies themselves, that is my personal choice to do so - thank you.
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    Trust Election - AL Yates Thread

    I notice that one other candidate has come online to ask for votes. I am available on here to ask questions. I have put out a video message on Facebook forums, a few days ago, another forum that reaches many more online Grecians, I attend the vast majority of games home and away. I have engaged...
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    Fleetwood Town discussion thread

    Jamal, Key, Sparkes, Hartridge, James, Kite (CDM), Dieng (Replaced by Harper), Collins, Brown, Stansfield (replaced by Cox) Noumbe. Missing my first game of the season home and away, dreading watching on ifollow.