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  1. Taz

    Jimmy Keohane

    Would like to keep Jimmy but lose Oakley and try to replace with Luke Young from Torquay (I'd imagine Oakley's wages would probably cover Young's like for like).
  2. Taz

    Clinton Morrison - Talksport

    I appreciate what your all saying about his scoring record, however I'd be interested to know our win ratio with him in the team, against that without him in it (even that would be a bit bias as he wasn't here when Grimes was. He seems to boost fans and players motivation and belief, and as such...
  3. Taz

    Going over old ground...

    From what I understand, there are no real options to build on Streatham at the moment. This development would have to be 'off campus' within 15 minutes (walking) of the campus - we would fill that criteria at SJP.
  4. Taz

    Going over old ground...

    Heard today that one of the uni's official residence partners IS looking for a site to build 600 student flats... I know this is old ground but in light of new development requirements by the Uni, could this be a potential partner for us as well to build the new stands / redevelop SJP?
  5. Taz

    Olejnik Signs

    A brilliant signing and someone who will really make a promotion push a reality in my opinion. Would definitely be one (of three) keepers that I would of signed being in Tis' shoes.
  6. Taz

    Exeter v. Daggers Matchday Thread

    Cant believe no-one has mentioned the dive and subsequent roll from the referee; which even the judges of ITV's 'Splash' would of given 10 out of 10...
  7. Taz

    City Youth 2014/15

    To be fair to our youth it is not uncommon that the first team coach (aka Tis) will dictate how he wants the youth teams to play tactically (ie. defensive... on the break); and we all know how well the first team has done with the current tactic. I'd imagine he's taken up that option now after...
  8. Taz

    Please help to save our stadium- Salisbury FC

    Signed and Shared with mates on Facebook... Good Luck!
  9. Taz

    Carlisle v. ECFC Match day thread

    Stats would suggest we are playing defensive again, so the 1-0 was probably false hope anyway...
  10. Taz

    York City vs Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    To be fair I think Harley does need some playing time to find his form / confidence. My main gripe is with Morrison starting (who'll probably score a hat-trick now I've said this) and Wheeler on the bench? Will Wheeler or Keohane sign new contracts at the end of the season... with all the...
  11. Taz

    Stuart James... Today's WMN

    As I messaged Stu this morning; I think this was a brilliant piece and in no way 'media hype'; I love the way he just put down the clear stats... and let the reader make up their own mind about the situation. Great Journalism from a great lad (that doesn't mean you can send me any plates etc...
  12. Taz

    Jimmy Keohane

    I think the problem with ANY player is that confidence and form seem to go hand in hand. I think Keohane is good enough to be playing regularly, and with more matches his confidence will grow... and so his performances will be better. Using the same theory imagine how good Wheeler would be...
  13. Taz

    Laurence Overend interview

    Hi Greg I would be interested to know exactly who was coaching the U21 team that did so well last year... followed on by why, when were trying to develop youth, we didn't even take part in this years equivalent tournament, give the prestige and positivity it bought to the club? (The current...
  14. Taz

    If Tisdale went

    To be fair the squad can only be as good as the wage bill. There may have been more available for wages back then... But I agree others would probably be more frugal with any wage bill as we have too much 'deadwood' inflating it; Tisdale does seem to be topping up his old Bath buddies pension...
  15. Taz

    How do we remove Tisdale

    We can sum all this up in the famous Albert Einstein quote: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." firstly in respect to PT and his tactics which just don't work... but unfortunately secondly to US; we travelled down this road late last year and...
  16. Taz

    Adam Stansfield Fundraising - Xpression FM - Raffle Prizes Needed

    May be best to change this term Will as it sounds like a raffle that people are not able to buy tickets for...
  17. Taz

    Shwan Jalal

    I always thought he was the best goalkeeper in the lower leagues (below Championship); would be nothing but a great influence on our two young keepers. Shame Tis wont even consider it...
  18. Taz

    Evan's to Hartlepool?

    Re: Ched Evans Which is why I say sign him now and get him to train with us until he clears his name; then cash in with a great player and a potential high money transfer; that said it is a risk if he fails to clear his name then we've wasted a few months wages... Though I think if we show...
  19. Taz

    Evan's to Hartlepool?

    Re: Ched Evans I think we could avoid all the hassle by signing him with a clause in the contract that says if he loses his appeal against the claim then his contract gets cancelled... In the mean time let him train with us but not play.
  20. Taz

    E&E Vote for your favourite Exeter City players and manager

    My list was like so: Ben Hamer Dean Moxey James Dunne Stanno Alan Ball Close seconds in most were: Kevin Miller George Friend Bertie Cozic Sean Devine Alex Inglethorpe