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    Best and worst away fans at SJP this past season.

    Yep, agreed. It was exactly the same with Derby though.
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    Josh Sheehan coming to Exeter City?

    Justice 4 Average Joe!
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    Best and worst away fans at SJP this past season.

    I wasn't at the Bolton game so can't comment on that. Derby were pretty good, if I'm being honest I thought Plymouth were loud towards the end.
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    I think it's probably relevant that it was a one-year contract. The club would have been happier to pay more per week when they know they wouldn't be locked in for 2/3 years.
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    Jamal Blackman

    I heard that he was on 5k per week, but this was only from a second hand source. I'd have thought it was closer to 4k. He did seem very quiet for a keeper.
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    Latest Club News..

    Sounds like an interesting, but tough gig. I think with the 5 subs rule, we are going to see more of this kind of thing, with players having specific roles to come on for 15/20 minutes.
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    Pre-season friendlies 2023

    I think you could well be right Bridgy!
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    Championship 22/23

    Nice little article on Luton, it does seem to otherwise get a very negative press: It looks their new stadium is still some time away, as much as I love the quirkiness of their away end they do probably need to move somewhere a bit more practical.
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Exactly- we don't always pick where is most picturesque or has things going on- it's often a practical choice in terms of what works logistically. I imagine it's the same for this guy.
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    Summer Transfer Thread 2023

    Sweeney has just left Topsham to move to... Crediton.
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    Season Tickets 23/24 season

    Hmm I think you can. The waiting list for Spurs' season tickets around that time would have been very long. Both of them would have had to been on the list and presumably members, their wife/mum would have somehow have had to get notification that they were able to buy season tickets (together)...
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    Jevani Brown

    I think everyone is forgetting, he has pleaded guilty to one of the charges!
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    Transfers in/outs Summer of 2023 and Retained list

    What’s the definition of a scholar? I thought it was those in the 16-18 age bracket. I thought once they passed this they became full time professionals. I’m sure the likes of Ed James are 18+?
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    Refreshments at SJP.

    The Red Square is basically a fan zone. Shame it's so small, but there's not really a lot we can do about that!
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    Retained List 2022/23

    We've also seen the real Fred Binney on the previous page!
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    Retained List 2022/23

    That's poor behaviour! Justice for your Sister.
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    Retained List 2022/23

    Yep! There's probably a lot of players from that era that are thankful that Twitter and suchlike were not about...
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    Retained List 2022/23

    It was when he was about 15 tbf
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    Retained List 2022/23

    I used to live around the corner from Martin Rice. Liked to refer to us as "Exeter Shitty"
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    Pedro Borges signs pro

    The quality of a team can change quite a lot in the space of 12 months, however I know it's not a large sample size but I watched Leyton Orient at Stockport back in November and although Orient won they didn't look anything particularly special. I'd imagine that Cambridge and Cheltenham will be...