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  1. DJH2005

    The very first vinyl record you bought.....

    Bad Manners - Lip Up Fatty. 7" single.
  2. DJH2005

    Tisdale or Westley ?

    Yes Malcs. As I feared my memory would let me down. We were 4 clear in the 3rd from final game. We were 6 clear by the penultimate. At the final game, we ended up 10 clear. We were brilliant at home, but our away days weren't quite so full of glory and a trip to Sincil Bank as your final...
  3. DJH2005

    Tisdale or Westley ?

    Ok Malcs. Have it your way. I'm not dissing TC's one Championship season at all, we were a superb team - especially at home. I'm just saying I've enjoyed the FIVE years of continued success under Tis slightly more than one great season under TC. 10 points might look good in the record books...
  4. DJH2005

    Big Bank Bar

    You do realise Pete will b e quoting that as FACT in about 2 weeks time? :)
  5. DJH2005

    Tisdale or Westley ?

    Not at all Malcs. I remember it well funnily enough, (Scarb' home stands out) it was a fine year. Year being the operative word though. I don't recall such good times *in '87, '88, or 91 come to that? But you knew exactly what I meant, and sadly, I knew you knew, but still felt the need to...
  6. DJH2005

    Yay or Nay - Special Edition

    SVP? The old Paignton firm that sells DVDs? Her firm is it? ;)
  7. DJH2005

    Do you believe there's a God?

    What happens if you try it without the wine?
  8. DJH2005

    Yay or Nay - Special Edition

    Who is it? Pippa? Oh Yay!
  9. DJH2005

    Post Count

  10. DJH2005

    A Birthday Cake for Tis

    I'm sure his pal, Ted the Baker, will have got him sorted. So. Just spend 95 minutes being 100% wholly supportive to Tis, and ALL the players. Cheer them all on, encourage them. - Booing and moaning does not help to support the team we are meant to support. (No matter how bad we may play...
  11. DJH2005

    Exeter City v Hartlepool United Official Matchday Thread

    I hope Jeff and the boys don't get to give James Brown an outing.
  12. DJH2005

    Tisdale or Westley ?

    We'd never have guessed! :D For the record, I'm with Flakey. By and large we've had five or six excellent years under Tis. Last year and year before we played some exceptional football for a team at this level. Yes, this season has so far been disappointing, but you can't just pretend the...
  13. DJH2005

    Exeweb strapline...

    Re: Exewb strapline... FACT! 10 bob
  14. DJH2005

    Janner Disneyland

    Vile place, and definitely not worth the fuel costs any more. Back in the day, when old Mr Trago was having his battles with all and sundry you could justify the fuel because you could still pack a bargain in your boot. Those days are long gone, and not just because Robbo Snr croaked it and Jnr...
  15. DJH2005

    Tiered Pricing (18-21)

    Mr Lincoln only ever went to Sincil Bank, surely?
  16. DJH2005

    A petition to increase Trust control of the club

    Is the Facebook group up and running Al? Just been perusing my FB account for the first time in months, and all I came across was some vague chant site, a few ECFC alternatives, but not much else. However, I could have been searching under the wrong terms I suppose, given my dislike for...
  17. DJH2005

    Is it too late for the Trust to regain effective control of the Club?

    Steady now. You have a reputation to protect Rae. - Insult, question motives, and then move along. There are rules to follow you know Ms Rae! ;) ** Goes back to looking for my tinfoil hat **
  18. DJH2005

    Is it too late for the Trust to regain effective control of the Club?

    Not at all Malcs, not at all. I'm just saying because I saw both posts before Spanks decided to edit them. It's all about context, innit. So, when is this EGM then?
  19. DJH2005

    Is it too late for the Trust to regain effective control of the Club?

    Lol. Yes, course I have.. :'( No wonder Poults runs out of patience with most on here. I have, 100% categorically, no axe to grind. OK?
  20. DJH2005

    Is it too late for the Trust to regain effective control of the Club?

    It's a slippery slope for any forum admin/mods to take. It will spell the end of Exeweb if these 'stupid' events occur too often. All of Mr Exeweb's hard work and trust will be undone in an instant.