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  1. Juggling Monkey

    Peformance Issues?

    Take out the hacked in swear filter. There must be a suitable VB plug-in to do the job properly by now. The existing swear filter doesn't use the hooks, probably runs more times than it needs to, is heavily dependent on multiple regular expressions, etc. It doesn't run on the Banter Base because...
  2. Juggling Monkey

    “Windows Support” Scam

    They ask you to type "eventvwr" to open the event viewer. It's always full of hundreds/thousands of warnings that you can safely ignore but when people see them they tend to panic and start believing the scam. After that they'll want card details to pay for something to fix the 'problem'.
  3. Juggling Monkey

    Logan goes to Brentford

    Gutted. We'll always remember him best for this moment:
  4. Juggling Monkey

    Shhhh, while the mods aren't watching ...

    If you pay by standing order then change the reference to be your Trust membership number followed by your surname in capitals. For example: 1234ZYDERMAN If your Trust membership number is 1234 and your surname is Zyderman.
  5. Juggling Monkey

    the Arab change is coming

    One big factor was the invention of the printing press and the suitability of the latin alphabet to early printing technology. Arabic writing doesn't lend itself to print so well. The same applies to some extent to IT/the Internet. Ataturk recognised this when he switched Turkey over to its...
  6. Juggling Monkey

    This one went through quietly? Wonder why it wasn't announced anywhere else yet?
  7. Juggling Monkey

    Change of Name

    It doesn't even need to cost £30. To change your name in the UK all you technically have to do is start using your new name. However if you need a bank account, passport etc (which you probably do!) then you'll need a change of name deed (also known as a deed poll). This is just a simple...
  8. Juggling Monkey

    Match Off

    Does this game get a matchday thread?
  9. Juggling Monkey

    Goals of the Week

    :D How many did we get into the League One team of the week?
  10. Juggling Monkey

    first chance 10k Exeter

    If anyone fancies it, this year's race is on Sunday 2nd January at 10:30. Entry forms are on the website - First Chance 10k. Closing date for entries is 5th December. Entry costs £11 affiliated, £13 unaffiliated. There's chip timing and, as has been said above, the course is flat and fast -...
  11. Juggling Monkey

    Jamie Mackie goes to QPR

    If I was going to guess, I'd go with a midfielder who went on to try to sign Mackie...
  12. Juggling Monkey

    Jamie Mackie goes to QPR

    Charles Wreford-Brown would be appalled to read that. ;)
  13. Juggling Monkey

    Fixtures poster Oct-Nov

    While we're on the subject, it would be handy if the fixture posters lived at a constant, simpler address. I guess the PTV site doesn't support addresses without meaningless strings of numbers and commas in them but maybe the Trust could oblige? Maybe or something...
  14. Juggling Monkey

    Paul Jones

    The ball absolutely, 100% went through the wall - through the dead central gap vacated by the turning Harley in the photos malcolms mentions - so it does seem pretty harsh to say the wall was not set up well. It's interesting really. Harley scored one, but was evidently responsible in part for...
  15. Juggling Monkey

    Exeter City V Colchester United Matchday Thread

    In case nobody's mentioned it yet, the new flat, watered and zippy surface might have contributed to Paul Jones throwing the ball a little too far on a couple of occasions, particularly as those throws were bouncing right through the areas covered by the sprinklers. Just a thought, like.
  16. Juggling Monkey

    Tis favourite to take over at Swansea.

    I think the OP may have omitted Swansea_ from the start of his/her username. [tap]
  17. Juggling Monkey

    New striker and defender on Monday.

    Nice subtle pointer there, Hants... :D
  18. Juggling Monkey

    Simon Kupers book - Why England lose.

    :D Can we list them all? 2010: Lampard's 'goal'. 2006: Ronaldo helping Rooney get sent off. 2002: Ronaldinho's free kick. 1998: Beckham off, Campbell's disallowed goal. 1990: Freak deflection off of Paul Parker. 1986: The hand of God... That point alone should be a great topic - it's almost...
  19. Juggling Monkey

    Computer nerd help required

    Have you all forgotten exeweb technical lessons of the past? The answer is to press the Alt and F4 keys at the same time.