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    Fixtures Release Date - Thursday 23 June 9am

    So our first home game in league one is the same as our last in league two! Port Vale 6 August
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    I understand from a Wycombe supporting mate that he has a year remaining on his contract. However he has also heard from a 'normally reliable source' that Wheeler 'may' be headed back our way as he wants to get more game time. Enough caveats there I hope as I have no idea how reliable this info...
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Not a great day to have to be away for work in Brighton.,, having hardly missed a home game all season. Watched 2nd half on my phone in a pub and didn't care what my colleagues thought as MJ scored and then the final whistle! All that play off hurt... and whilst I have taken great pride in the...
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    Barrow(A) Tues 17/8/21 Discussion Thread.

    Agreed Andrew My Plan B team (no Dieng or Hartridge) was a 433 with Dawson Caprice Sweeney Ray Rowe Key Kite Dodd Brown Amond Jay Goes against the way MT has played in every pre-season and competitive game and no true holding midfield player (and without Dieng no midfielder on the bench) so...
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    Barrow(A) Tues 17/8/21 Discussion Thread.

    In addition to the other known injuries/loanees I am presuming that Attangana is out injured, Nombe out with Covid (impossible for him to get 10 days in between Bradford and tomorrow) and good chance that Hartridge not ready to start as, even if he is not suffering Covid after effects, he won't...
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    A trip to the Orient - Sat 14th August

    Or a short (10 minutes) walk from Paddington to Lancaster Gate and then Central Line all the way. Probably a little quicker
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    Leyton Orient discussion thread

    Agree on team - personally I am not massively bothered if we end up with Dieng or Kite starting as both have looked good, although if Dieng not fit enough for the bench at least then we have no real cover. Also sounds as if a choice between Key or Caprice on the right - I'd go for Key every...
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    Covid in the camp

    Do you know that it is an LFT they are taking? I had presumed PCR's - hence my 24 hour comment - and seems to be some mixed views on which one
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    Covid in the camp

    Aren't the whole squad due to be tested today? If so those results will be key - but if it takes 24 hours for results could mean a fairly short notice cancellation. Finger crossed - really looking forward to the Orient game
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    Harry Kite

    When he has space and time he plays well - he did that last night and across preseason. Both his movement with the ball and distribution very strong. Needs the time to deal better with less space and more pressure
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Carabao Cup Match Day Thread

    Plus central midfield - with Collins out we looked weak in that area. But with Attangana, Dieng and Kite all playing well we seem to have decent options now and even better once Collins back.
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Carabao Cup Match Day Thread

    Agreed. Having seen him play twice in preseason I was impressed with his play. Cleary hasn't had many minutes for a long time - so I am torn between him going on loan to play more regularly and keeping him as back up to Jay and maybe Brown. On balance - and given lack of strength in depth -...
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    Exeter vs Wycombe (League Cup) Prediction and discussion thread

    My only question on this are: - Might we see Harry Lee starting? If he has been promised game time then surely cups games are his opportunity? Or maybe just Pap Johns/PL Under 23 Cup? - Maybe Attangana instead of Dieng just in terms of fitness (or maybe Veale instead of either if Taylor really...
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    Former Players

    Sadly Wheeler tested positive for Covid so missed Wycombe's game today and must surely be out for Tuesday. Shame as was looking forward to seeing him back (and not playing for MK/Tis)
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    Exeter City v Bradford City 7/8/21 Matchday Thread

    Great to be back and a good game to watch. As others have said we could have won it or lost it so a draw a fair result. Attangana and Sweeney definite improvements on last year - and with Attangana, Dieng, Kite and Collins maybe our centre midfield is not as weak as I feared. Defense did look...
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    Starting eleven for next season

    So after Truro friendly and Randall's departure my team for Saturday depending on Hartridge and Jay injuries (backup if they are out in brackets) Dawson Key Sweeney Ray Hartridge (Grounds) Sparkes Attangana Kite Brown Jay (Dodd) Nombe Subs: Lee, Caprice, Grounds (Dyer), Rowe, Dieng, Dodd...
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    Chris Clements

    Pretty much what I have just written on the Truro matchday thread. Emergency back up at best
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    Truro City vs Exeter City Pre-season Friendly - Tues 3 Aug 7.30pm

    Went with the youngster last night. We also went to the Tiverton game at start of pre-season but impossible to compare as we started with a close to 1st team at Tivvy whilst last night only Dieng and Grounds likely to start on Saturday, and both back up to injuries. In short this looked like an...
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    Truro City vs Exeter City Pre-season Friendly - Tues 3 Aug 7.30pm

    Trialist first name is Chris...that's what players are calling him