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  1. Hunterwasmyhero

    Lift to Orient on Saturday

    Steve that would be brilliant. Either message me or tell me on here time and place. Cheers
  2. Hunterwasmyhero

    Lift to Orient on Saturday

    Cheers, I'll try tomorrow.
  3. Hunterwasmyhero

    Lift to Orient on Saturday

    Am wondering if anyone has a spare seat from Exeter to Orient on Saturday? Only looking for a lift up, as intend coming back on Sunday. Would obviously contribute to fuel. Please message me. Thanks
  4. Hunterwasmyhero

    Exeter City F.C. v Walsall F.C. Official Match Day Thread

    You haven't got friends in the Flybe! Those that you know who are there were telling you that there was NO deflection but no more than a bad wall which was set up with the midgets guarding the near post!
  5. Hunterwasmyhero

    Seige mentality starts here!

    Paul Tisdale's Red and White Army We're so good it's unbelievable sung constantly for 15 - 20 minutes (or longer) Superb! Far better than this 30 second crap that is usually sung!
  6. Hunterwasmyhero

    Filling in the sides of the BB

    Unfortunately the roof faces the wrong way.
  7. Hunterwasmyhero

    Liverpool Tickets - anyone through?

    Why? He's a plastic City supporter, only going to see Liverpool! ;) Good luck Creedy!
  8. Hunterwasmyhero

    Liverpool Tickets - anyone through?

    I ordered mine via the phone on Monday afternoon and was told it would be sent out to catch that days post. Sure enough, it arrived yesterday.
  9. Hunterwasmyhero

    EVERY time.......

    Thought the name of the Utd supporter are TORBAY REDS! Anything to get away from going to plainmorgue!
  10. Hunterwasmyhero

    Where will you be watching??

    My circumstances changed early this afternoon so I rang TZ at about 2.30pm and got a ticket. Was asked which stand and which block and promised that they would be posted out first class. :)
  11. Hunterwasmyhero

    Strangest Place to See a City Top or Memorabillia?

    I accept your apology Red Nose. I was in Perth for 4 weeks visiting my daughter and being unable to get tickets at home was thinking that I would have to buy off the touts. Fortunately, unknown to me, my daughter had entered a Australian Gatoraide competition and won a pair of tickets for each...
  12. Hunterwasmyhero

    Att: 5,269 (according to Auntie)

    Also a number of season ticket holders missing from our area and I know of a few who normally sit in the old Grandstand, with their kids, who were missing tonight.
  13. Hunterwasmyhero

    Barry Corr at half time

    Well done to the lad. I quite like him IMO his sending offs have been more carried out in niave enthusiasm rather than malicious intent. Could the £400 have been a fine issued by Tis?
  14. Hunterwasmyhero

    Time for Real Vocal Support at Home

    ...and that was the better games:)
  15. Hunterwasmyhero

    Time for Real Vocal Support at Home

    Agree but the football, in general, was probably more dire than at the moment and for a longer period!
  16. Hunterwasmyhero

    L1 Games 16th March

    See the thread on last season's 21st and 22nd teams, to disprove that theory!!
  17. Hunterwasmyhero

    L1 Games 16th March

    How wrong is that statement. If the other teams above and below us keep winning it makes absolutely no difference what we do.
  18. Hunterwasmyhero

    Matchday drummer ......

    I know where I'd like to stick a drumstick!
  19. Hunterwasmyhero

    Phil Brown 'Realeased'

    Breaking news on SPN that Hull have released Phil Brown, replacing him with Steve Parkin and Brian Horton.
  20. Hunterwasmyhero

    Meet the coach at Southend?

    Play behind closed doors!!