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    Exeter City vs Newport County - Papa John’s Trophy Match Day Thread

    10 changes from Saturday's starting line up at Harrogate.
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    We could say the same! We gave Matt Jay the freedom of Devon to amble his way through and pass it past the keeper. It was like he had a force field so none of our players could get within 10m of him. Your second was poor defending and he shouldn't have been allowed a shot. We were pretty poor...
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    Newport (H) - 16.10.21 Discussion Thread

    Thanks! I will stock up on cash and join the queues! I'm limited to where I can go as my daughter is meeting friends travelling on the Supporter's Coaches at the ground.
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    Newport (H) - 16.10.21 Discussion Thread

    That was a bloody wet day and I was thankful for a covered away end that day! No idea on tickets sold other than me and my daughter coming up from Plymouth. Does anyone know if the bar at the ground is card only or does it take cash too? Looking forward to a good game, neither team really firing...
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    Boxing Day Match - Newport County Tickets - Tickets Selling Fast!

    At least two away fans. Me and my daughter coming up from Plymouth to support my hometown team. Btw, Brett Huxtable hates us too so if he is ref then it's a toss up to who he hates the least!
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    City V The Exiles Prediction Thread

    Re: ECFC V Newport Prediction Thread We only had 350 tickets though. Given our start, if your ground wasn't restricted in terms of attendances this season you'd probably have double that at least. I live in Plymouth and unfortunately can't make tomorrow's game. I hope it's a good one with us...
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    Predict L2 17/18

    I hope you're all wrong about Newport County!! :)
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    Exeter City vs Newport County Official matchday thread!

    No you won't! :) County win 2-0. Looking like a lovely day for football too. Shame your fine city is going to go into lockdown thanks to Devon and Cornwall's 'finest' over-reacting at the prospect of some foreign football fans coming to visit. You'd think Exeter was hosting a NATO Summit rather...
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    Policing bill!

    :) After almost 40 years of following the County I refuse to take anything for granted!
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    Policing bill!

    As a County fan (who lives in Plymouth but can't stand the Pilgrims) I'm not sure our reputation is deserved. Having contacted the police after our game at SJP, I was told that the increased police presence was down to "intelligence" received in the days leading up to the game that indicated...
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    Noisy away fans

    From an outsiders perspective i.e. a visiting fan, I was totally shocked at the lack of atmosphere from the home fans on Saturday. Given you've got that great big bank on which to stand, it was deathly silent for most of the afternoon. I know people have said we were loud and it certainly...
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    3448.... Cause for concern?

    Nice sized crowd, good atmosphere, good game and three points for the County please!! :)
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    3448.... Cause for concern?

    Tickets for Newport County fans go on sale today - we've been allocated a total of 1,013 (terrace and stand) tickets and apparently it will be all ticket for us, so no pay on the gate. Is that usual for away fans i.e. all ticket?
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    3448.... Cause for concern?

    Thanks for that.
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    3448.... Cause for concern?

    Wolves v Walsall got over 13,000 - not bad for this competition.
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    3448.... Cause for concern?

    As a Newport fan, I'd be disappointed if we don't bring 500 as a minimum and would like to think that 750 was closer to the mark. I know a variety of fan groups/pubs etc are doing coaches and there is a lot of enthusiasm for this trip. Me, I'll be coming up from Plymouth so an easy journey...