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  1. RyanPugh

    Morecambe 24th August

    I shall be driving up (not entirely sure why)
  2. RyanPugh

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Glad to see they've got an 18-23 category, for those of us who are 18 and aren't students. Renewal for BB is £138 for me
  3. RyanPugh

    Ryan Harley

    Has now gone to MK
  4. RyanPugh

    First League Fixture Prediction

    Carlisle at home!
  5. RyanPugh

    Its in the stars

    We're the "away" team, according to sky sports...
  6. RyanPugh

    Wembley travel costs

    £62 for me, open return to Paddington plus a day travel card for the tube.
  7. RyanPugh

    Ticket news

    Booked in block 112 - roll on the 28th!
  8. RyanPugh

    Who's out of contract?

    Paul Tisdale:x
  9. RyanPugh

    Play off Semi Final 1st Leg - Lincoln Away (12th May)

    Club have said we've sold around 600 tickets, on sale until 9am tomorrow - no pay on the gate.
  10. RyanPugh

    Play off Semi Final 1st Leg - Lincoln Away (12th May)

    All confirmed now! Safe to say I'm already nervous, but bring it on! How many will we take to this one?
  11. RyanPugh

    Accrington away - Saturday 14th April

    And of course GT leaves at 0730 (facepalm)
  12. RyanPugh

    Grimsby (a) - 24th February

    Clap clap from me, missed it last season, couldn't this time.
  13. RyanPugh

    Loan watch (2017/18)

    Just the sort of criteria Tis is looking for
  14. RyanPugh

    Notts County (a) 20th Jan

    The Travel Minister has said he is confident the station will be back up and running in a 'few days'.
  15. RyanPugh

    Notts County (a) 20th Jan

    Saw this, I've booked my train tickets too. Hopefully it should be open again by then.
  16. RyanPugh

    Luton (a) Sat Feb 3rd

    Train up for this one, must be mad going Notts and Luton considering recent away form:S
  17. RyanPugh

    Yeovil Dec 23

    Perhaps being 3rd draws a few more in..
  18. RyanPugh

    Exeter City v FGR FA Cup 2nd Rnd Replay MDT.

    No, I agree he wasn't given the right service, hence I said he barely had an impact, I didn't say he didn't put the effort in, or didn't bother because he did.
  19. RyanPugh

    WBA Arrangements

    Ignore this, embarrassing comment edited(facepalm)
  20. RyanPugh

    Exeter City v FGR FA Cup 2nd Rnd Replay MDT.

    I wouldn't go quite that far, he barely had an impact on the game until he scored. Still, he's doing what he's getting paid to do, which is putting the ball in the net.