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  1. grecian-near-hell

    Welcome Gary Woods

    Especially on what he is probably on. Good work if you can get it. Seriously though it's a shame as Harry seemed to be doing so well down at Parkway, and now warming a bench :unsure: How far off is Sowden to bench warming?
  2. grecian-near-hell

    Welcome Gary Woods

    It was good while it lasted Anyone reckon he is still feigning the injury? Suppose we still have to pay him until the end of his contract then
  3. grecian-near-hell

    Welcome Gary Woods

    I think you may have been whooshed. Also I wasn't aware Woods had coaching obligations I thought that was what Kev Miller did, but heyho you live and learn
  4. grecian-near-hell

    Exeter City Women 2022/23 Season

    Cardiff away at Larkhall tonight, fingers crossed and all that, but looking at the league positions not holding out much hope, could be being negative here, or as some would say realistic. Whilst the two teams are walking away with the division at the moment, Cardiff still have to play away at...
  5. grecian-near-hell

    Jevani Brown

    And we all know that premiershite have no morals! We have been promoting ourselves as a family club, a community club, and then one of our players gets arrested and charged with assault, but hey forget our ethos let's play him still as he happens to be one of our better players, we'll pick up...
  6. grecian-near-hell

    Jevani Brown

    I know nothing about the case, and I would like to see Jev playing for us, but we are all forgetting that there is another party to this as well as the accused, no compassion appears to have been shown on these boards to HER! As we know in this day and age people are all too quick to whip out...
  7. grecian-near-hell

    Youth 22/23

    A quick stalk on that instagram and who he is following would suggest he is from London possibly from the Onside Football Academy (just guess work but he is following some of their graduates and the academy). Seems Onside are an academy that look to get players placed within football across the...
  8. grecian-near-hell

    Youth 22/23

    Thanks for the update, I don't suppose you were able to gleam whether Santino is local. Another player from the smoke of course is Amir Daniels
  9. grecian-near-hell

    League 1 News 22-23

    It's all about the process!
  10. grecian-near-hell

    Youth 22/23

    The team that played on Saturday contained some new names for me, and I see from DB's list below only three starters were in the 2nd year scholars list with another two being subs Scott Simmons, Pedro Borges, Alfie Clark, and subs: Aamir Daniels, Mitch Beardmore, We know Pedro Borges has a...
  11. grecian-near-hell

    Lincoln City home - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    Hopefully on Saturday we shall continue to sing from Gary's song-sheet, and perhaps with a little shooting practice across the squad this week as well, we will see an emphatic victory, we are due one, so ever the optimist I am saying 3-0 to the Exeter, Little Stansfield, being set up by Jevani...
  12. grecian-near-hell

    Latest Club News..

    Why would this be? See what potential there is for some reason
  13. grecian-near-hell

    Next season’s squad

    FFS Bournemouth's future capacity will be giving the scum wet dreams of what they could achieve!
  14. grecian-near-hell

    Is Project 6000 and sustainability in L1 compatible with selling our "Gems"?

    Wasn't the wide concourse in front of the Big Bank so that the pitch could be moved that way?
  15. grecian-near-hell

    Youth 22/23

    The question is it worth £11m investment, The greenies see themselves as a championship outfit, whether they get there is another matter (🤞they don't). As such they need to be attracting championship quality players and youth with potential for this level otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. You...
  16. grecian-near-hell

    The official Exeter City v Cambridge United matchday thread

    Good spin - you are Alistair Campbell and I claim my £5
  17. grecian-near-hell

    The official Exeter City v Cambridge United matchday thread

    Okay several days have now elapsed and possibly the elation of actually winning at home has worn off and as people start to think about next Saturday, and next month the realisation of beating Cambridge by only two goals wasn't that much of an achievement. They were one of the worst teams...
  18. grecian-near-hell

    March 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    04/03 A Wycombe D 2-2 11/03 H Lincoln W 4-1 18/03 A Cheltenham W 1-3 25/03 H Accrington W 2-0 28/03 H Barnsley 1-3 L Booger booger bogger, I hate this competition I see wins everywhere,(I can even see us drawing/beating Barnsley), my hopes built up, and then reality kicks in and I am out of...