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    Cheltenham vs Exeter - Carabao Cup 1st round. Match day thread

    Over ten minutes without a goal. Defending far too deep and lacking in attacking intent. We'll score again, don't know where, don't know when. Taylor out.
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    It could have been Paul Gascoigne!

    Knowing Russell and Lewis, they tried to book the flights on a stolen credit card and it got blocked. Northants Grecian may well be right that the Conference spell did us good in the long term, and possibly saved the club, although Russell and Lewis had been trading while insolvent long before...
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    It could have been Paul Gascoigne!

    One thing we can be absolutely sure of is it would've been very, very brief. He joined Kettering a couple of years later and I am not sure he even lasted as much as a month due to the drinking. And the man appointed here instead of him in 2002, Neil McNab, didn't see out the season. It was such...
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    Ollie Watkins

    Until they get injured, and then they're suddenly worth sod all. I agree it'd have been a mistake for Brentford to sell Watkins, but mainly because they are significantly more likely to go up with him than without and that's a gamble worth taking. That's the pot of gold, not a bit extra on the...
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    A conundrum Exeter City v Stevenage Tuesday 21 January Kick off 7.00 p.m.

    I see your point, but the truth is that the crowd won't be anywhere near that if it's away from Wembley. I don't really see it myself, but the truth is that quite a few people go along because it's the "home of football" or something, but wouldn't go elsewhere. To give an example from rugby...
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    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    I think he might follow the Alex Inglethorpe road and take a more backroom role at a bigger club. He's fairly young, professional, steady and, whatever people's criticisms of him as a manager, has a good CV in objective terms. The brutal reality of first team EFL management outside the unusual...
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    Tagg: “Regretfully, Paul has decided not to sign.”

    The law on restrictive covenants is pretty strict so even if there is one in the contract, it's unlikely to be enforceable. It's not enough to say, "to be honest, we'd rather he wasn't working for a competitor". There needs to be something much stronger - this is about highly commercially...
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    Tagg: “Regretfully, Paul has decided not to sign.”

    I agree with the first bit of this (he's now effectively on gardening leave) but not the second. If someone on gardening leave takes up an alternative offer of employment, that's basically fine. The old employer stops paying them from the moment they start with the new employer (there's no...
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    David Wheeler

    Aside from spectacularly missing Antman's point (that Wheeler has in fact gone from being managed by Tisdale to being managed by Holloway), you are obviously allowing Holloway's admittedly fun persona to distract you from his decidedly mixed record as a top level manager. Getting Palace and...
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    August 2014 Points Prediction Thread

    5 points: 9/8 H Portsmouth - L 0-1 16/8 A Plymouth - W 1-0 19/8 A Burton Albion D 0-0 23/8 H York D 0-0 30/8 A Northampton L 0-1
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    RCAA (Rio Cricket Club) v Exeter City Official Match Day Thread

    AC Milan were also founded as a cricket club. True, but not ultimately that interesting, fact.
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    ECFC transfers, Ins/Outs for the Summer of 2014

    The paddle is the least of our worries... we haven't even got a canoe at this point.
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    Ever wondered what the first league City game was when you were born?

    2-1 win at the Shay. First home game was 2-0 versus Scunthorpe. It was downhill from there.
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    Former Players

    Many were critical of Owen Goal's work-rate when he was here. But I for one knew he could cut it at a higher level, and it's nice to see him banging them in at Anfield this afternoon.
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    Could we win the league?

    No. People are getting carried away. It's been a better start to the season than most of us expected, but we're still at a stage where there aren't a lot of points between a lot of sides in the top half. We've played well and got the best from players, but haven't dominated matches in the way...
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    Fleetwood Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I would respond to this scurrilous allegation in detail, but it's difficult at present as I only have one hand available for typing, which slows things down.
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    Obituary Thread

    Brian Sollitt Inventor of the Yorkie, the Drifter, the Lion Bar, the Matchmaker, and the After Eight mint. Died without a knighthood or a Nobel Prize. Justice? Not in this life, mate. RIP.
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    What would you do with the Golbourne cash?

    After carefully reflecting on the issue I'd probably buy Perryman the personalised numberplate PEZ ZA1, and use the rest on a performance bonus for Taggy. Actually, I agree I'd wait for January now.
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    We're the richest club in the country"

    This isn't some sort of anti-Grecian conspiracy from the journos. It's just inherently comical (and silly) having a League 2 side claiming to be "the richest club in the country". If it was the CEO of Newport County who'd said it, they'd have a similar shot of Rodney Parade and we'd be yucking...
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    We're the richest club in the country"

    Embarrassing but also hilarious. Love the picture the BBC have chosen to illustrate the opulent wealth and glamour of SJP! Shame they couldn't get a magnificent, sweeping vista of the away end, but I suppose they didn't want to upset the suits at the Bernabéu by rubbing their noses in it.