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  1. RedPaul

    Port Vale v The Mighty Exeter City MDT. 3pm KO

    Right. It's Good Friday So we have 3 hours of abstinence followed by 2 hours of relaxation and exaltation as we watch Taylor's young tyro's rip an ageing and going-nowhere Vale apart, and coast to an easy 3-0 win That's the script. Go gett'em lads. Can you here Robbie sing? We can't hear a...
  2. RedPaul

    World Cup 2030

    The FA reporting on a joint bid across the 4 home nations and Ireland for the 2030 World Cup, backed by UK Gov funds. Good news or a waste of money?
  3. RedPaul

    Happy Christmas

    I just wanted to wish all Exewebbers a very happy Christmas, however you may be spending it. It has been a very difficult year for many and whilst trivial in the the grand scheme of things, I really miss travelling to matches and to have not been to Exeter at all since last xmas really hit home...
  4. RedPaul

    The 200,000 League Game

    One for the anoraks This Saturday sees the playing of the 200,000th game of league football in England since its launch in 1888. So far there have been 199,972 league games 1 game Friday night 2 games Saturday lunchtime That means the 25th game on Saturday at 3pm is the 200,000th game...
  5. RedPaul

    The "Good News Only" Thread

    In these dark times, somewhere purely to share good news and much needed positivity. Personal / family successes. Random acts of kindness - given or received. Small 'wins' that made the day, on balance, a good one. A lockdown, politics & C19 free-zone I'll start with the receiving of a...
  6. RedPaul

    Team for Wembley?

    Tough one but I'd start the 11 that started last night as well as the same subs except have Ampadu instead of Croll. Will Oakley be handed a sentimental start or more likely a place on the bench? Tis's programme notes were 3/4 about him Will Pym come back in? Will Holmes be fit enough to last...
  7. RedPaul


    Apparently our next game is at Wembley. As it is reasonably close, I might pop along. Anyone else going?
  8. RedPaul

    L1 & L2 next season

    Starting to take shape. 13 teams confirmed into L1, 9 into L2 Question of course is where will we be Arranged in approximate order of closeness to the South West L1 Pl***outh Bristol R Oxford Portsmouth Walsall AFC Wimbledon Charlton Northampton MK Dons Peterborough Oldham Rotherham...
  9. RedPaul


    Surely deserves a thread of its own :D Our last 13 home league games on a Tuesday night. One win in over 4 years - a 2-1 win over, yes, Wycombe in October 2014 UTC
  10. RedPaul

    Superbowl L

    It's the 50th playing of the 'greatest show on earth' tomorrow. Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers in San Francisco. Denver have good de-fense and an aeging legend at quarterback in perhaps his last game. Carolina are all brash, high octane, in your face offence epitomised by their brash, in...
  11. RedPaul

    The other 3rd round replays

    Eastleigh one up at Bolton Pompey two up on Ipswich Plucky Villa managing to hold mighty Wycombe 0-0 so far
  12. RedPaul

    1,000,000 posts

    Barring it being announced in the next 30 minutes that Tisdale is leaving or Tagg has decided to give the Big Bank to Liverpool fans then it would seem at some point during the middle of the day tomorrow, the millionth Exeweb post will be made. Is this a genuine million, or an artificial...
  13. RedPaul

    Women's World Cup

    Is anyone following this? Little else beyond the norm to distract the general sporting public until the Ashes start. 6 groups of 4. Top 2 plus the 4 best 3rd's go through to last 16, then knockout. England's first game is tomorrow (6pm) against France. Germany won 10-0 last night.
  14. RedPaul

    Fair Play

    Having won this award last season, we are on course to win it again. As long as we incur no more than 4 bookings, or 2 yellows and a red on Saturday (whilst Walsall or Cambridge incur nothing), we will have the best record across the 92 once more. Of the 5 teams with the worst disciplinary...
  15. RedPaul

    Johnsons Paint Trophy changes

    Apologies if I have missed it but I haven't seen this mentioned/discussed anywhere. The proposal is to have PL reserve sides in the JPT. Apparently only Wimbledon out 48 L1 and L2 sides voted against. Ridiculous proposal and the start of a very slippery slope to giving the PL what they want -...
  16. RedPaul

    Superbowl XLIX

    It's that time of year again. Stock up on the nachos and the Bud, and stay up to 4am. The New England Patriots v the defending champs, the Seattle Seahawks. I am still reeling over the Packers appalling collapse in the NFC Championship game (the semI-final equivalent) where they managed the...
  17. RedPaul

    City v United 1969 reprised

    A chance for those of us under 50 to see highlights from the game BBC2 tomorrow morning 9am as part of an FA Cup 3rd round rewind programme
  18. RedPaul

    Is anyone going to Cambridge?

    Last time we played them, we took 20,000 clap
  19. RedPaul

    Commonwealth Games... exciting sporting festival handily scheduled to fill the gap between the World Cup and the start of the football season or a meaningless, expensive indulgence generally lacking in world-class talent?
  20. RedPaul


    Love him or hate him, it's his last hurrah presenting Newsnight after 25 years tonight I for one will miss him