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  1. Oldsmobile-88

    The Armchair Detective Thread

    Many people disappear from their family & friends on their own volition.
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    TV Times

    It will no doubt have massive publicity. Reviving a comedy format that was written & produced over 45 years ago will be very difficult. Expectations will be very high.
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    TV Times

    Perhaps recording the names in her note book. Thora Hird later to be made a Dame was part of the furniture on a late Sunday afternoon with Praise Be ! (1973-90) A spin off from Songs of Praise. My dear old gran would be singing along to both programmes.
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    Burton Albion away - Discussion & Prediction Thread

    The Grecians have got a poor record at the Pirelli Stadium in both the Conference & EFL. Seen every Grecian game there in that time. With the exception of the 4-4 in 2008 the rest have been pretty dire affairs from a Grecian point of view. Good news is I’m not going, so like MK Dons where I had...
  5. Oldsmobile-88

    TV Times

    This week 1986 The cover of TV Times is advertising the new series of In Loving Memory. This would be the 5th & final season(37 episodes) of the Yorkshire TV produced Sitcom about a Funeral Directors in the 1930s. Christopher Beeny(1941-2020) was perhaps best known for playing Edward Barnes the...
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    TV Times

    7th February 1988 Happier times for the Royal Family. Royal Tours to foreign climes at the time always had good coverage plus a special long production as a round up. Now coverage would usually be clips on news channels. Lost in Space. The first episode of the rerun on UK TV since the very...
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    Energy Prices

    The figure G2K mentioned is frigging crazy. Borrowed money from the Treasury(taxpayers) in effect going to the coffers of pretty big players in the world wide energy market. I know something had to be done, but what huge cost to the country. I think I’m right in thinking that it’s around the...
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    Last film watched..

    Probably the best war biographical film made. George C Scott was excellent as Patton.
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    'Cans for City' - revived

    Probably wanted decent pub ambience 😎
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    Politics Today

    🎶 Wake up Rishi, I think I’ve got something to say to you 🎶
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    'Cans for City' - revived

    He would pop into the Mount Radford occasionally
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    Life’s simple pleasures

    North Devon produced honey on toast whilst watching the box set of Sons Of Anarchy
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Schadenfreude is the word you are looking for Max 😎
  14. Oldsmobile-88

    League 1 News 22-23

    “Just like that”
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    Odds & sods

    A rare picture of Exeter City Reserves who played in The Western League for many years. This photo I’m guessing is from around 1974. Unfortunately the line up names in the photo are wrong. Cec Smyth is 2nd from left on the top row. David Brown is top row 2nd from right. Graham Weeks is bottom...
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    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    Wrexham keep the pressure on Notts County at the top of the NL with a 2-1 win at Altrincham on Saturday evening. A sell out crowd of 4,865 at Moss Lane.
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    Exeter City Women 2022/23 Season

    That would not happen at SJP i guess. Even for a game that’s not a first class fixture, the ground safety regulations would have to be adhered to for the Safety Certificate. ie Stewards, someone in the Control Room, Ambulance outside & the rest that goes with that. I think there is the right...
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    Odds & sods

    27th January 1968