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  1. OfficialECFC

    Could we win £100k to improve our away end loos?

    Latest quote from Best Loosers which I imagine all clubs entered will have received. "It has been brought to our attention that some fans have been placing multiple votes in The Best Loo-sers competition and this is being discussed on football club forums. We originally wanted to keep the...
  2. OfficialECFC

    Could we win £100k to improve our away end loos?

    After a number of fans said they hadnt received their confirmation emails we got in touch with Best Loosers who said: "There was an issue with the site last night because of the volume of votes. The bandwidth has been increased and it should be fine now. The votes that we received last...
  3. OfficialECFC

    Wear your uniform and watch City v Carlisle for £5

    The away fans are all being housed in the Old Grandstand so there is an opportunity for those in the military to fill the away end
  4. OfficialECFC

    Kellow's Bootlaces

    You will indeed, it'll be live by lunchtime tomorrow.
  5. OfficialECFC

    What a transformation!!

    After much discussion Radio Devon decided not to cover the game but Dave Saunders and his team will be providing commentary for Player subscribers
  6. OfficialECFC

    Matt Oakley on his way?
  7. OfficialECFC

    All exewebbers please buy a programme 2011/12 season!

    Every Saturday list season hants! Greg's sales were incredible on Saturday. And overall we sold 4000 and there are a couple left at reception if anyone wants to pop in
  8. OfficialECFC

    City Foundation

    Having problems with the Official Website's pages, they are up there now.
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    Unique Opportunity

    The link:,,10436~2422299,00.html
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    Ryan Who?ley

    Player profiles have to be set up separately and are quite time consuming but he's certainly got his own squad number:,,10354~2395234,00.html
  11. OfficialECFC

    Radio Devon

    Yeah they are, every home and away game
  12. OfficialECFC

    Grecian Player Price Increase

    007 with the new campaign about to start I can guarantee you that there will be plenty of audio and video on the website all season long. For example there are two new audio interviews on there this morning and more coming throughout this week.
  13. OfficialECFC

    Grecian Player Price Increase

    It wasnt Radio Devon as such but the Radio Devon staff (Dave Saunders) who came down to commentate
  14. OfficialECFC

    The Grecian

    Of course it will be 100 pages not 16 but yes there will be plenty of similarities. For feedback purpose which bits in particular were good?
  15. OfficialECFC

    Which compact camera?

    As a birthday gift to myself I purchased a Nikon Coolpix S9100 last week (Currys had it reduced by £120) Been very very impressed so far. Just about pocket size and the zoom and image quality are immense
  16. OfficialECFC

    Grecian Player Price Increase

    No. Radio Devon wanted to provide unbiased commentary for both sets of fans and it made sense to dial into Torquay's Player as they were the host side so the system was set up like ours is at The Park.
  17. OfficialECFC

    Torquay United Prediction Thread

    Just a reminder that Radio Devon commentary of the match will be broadcast through Gulls Player. So just log in as normal to Grecian Player's live match feed and just switch to Torquay's
  18. OfficialECFC

    Torquay United Prediction Thread

    Adults - £10 Over 65's / Students with NUS - £5 Under 16's - £1
  19. OfficialECFC

    Follese FC v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Its been Andy Gillard from the club and expecting one in my inbox this evening