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  1. muppetdodger

    The Next Exeter City First Team Manager Thread

    Personally if we don’t promote from within there are some exceptional young managers in the National League. I assume we would be attractive to some of them in the coming days. No to tisfail, no to journeymen, let’s appoint a young up and coming manager if coming from outside the club. Rob...
  2. muppetdodger

    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    I reckon Phil Brown might be in the frame. Just left Barrow having kept them up and opted not to negotiate a new deal with them. Suspect he has something in mind
  3. muppetdodger

    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Would love to see Tisdale bring Village Green back to league 2!!
  4. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    Possibly, but very much doubt it. However people always make ridiculous statements like 'excessive' product and 'scant regard for the environment'. The product at minimum dose is designed to kill the grass and thats not excessive. And if, as I very much think it will have been, it was applied in...
  5. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    Yes, very shallow removal for minimal disturbance, so the roots of the invasive grass have to be killed off or they just grow back. Quick and easy reseed!
  6. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    Just look at this image from the final game. Zoom in on pitch far corner by big bank - obvious green square unsprayed, and also look in left corner by flag, there is a clear arc where the sprayer must have run and missed a bit. Even along the touchline by the AS stand you can clearly see a...
  7. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    Ah but the point is, I think the roundup prevents deeper roots re sprouting, which grass, especially weed grass, does in abundance. So you spray it off, once the chemical is in the grass it translocates to the roots, then take the top off and the old root dies. Sow the new grass and you have a...
  8. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    No I'm not, there was a green strip of unsprayed grass around the edge, inside the artificial strip. In one corner by the bank there was a square block unsprayed as well.
  9. muppetdodger

    The Pitch

    You could tell this was going to be a quick job, at the final game it was quite clear that the pitch had been sprayed with Roundup to kill it off, at least a week before the game. It was proper yellow, apart from the meter around the pitch which was as green as green. Was surprised to see that.
  10. muppetdodger

    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    Crikey, that's £53 a game if you attend them all. Awful atmosphere, no singing etc etc. don't understand why you'd pay that!
  11. muppetdodger

    Northampton Town Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    True!! Losing my head!!
  12. muppetdodger

    Northampton Town Vs Exeter City Match Day Thread

    DrAw is fine as even if we win we still need to win next week!
  13. muppetdodger

    Exeter City vs Rochdale match day thread

    This is a joke right?
  14. muppetdodger

    Carlisle United v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I'll be staggered if we need 4 wins and two draws from six remaining games. That would nearly win us the title. In fact 5 wins would definitely win the title
  15. muppetdodger

    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    God, I'd rather have James Hamon back
  16. muppetdodger

    Exeter vs Gas (Bristol Rovers) Matchday Thread

    Time for three goals then?
  17. muppetdodger

    Offrande Zanzala

    Staggered that they cant get the op done sooner. Money talks and we a) have money and b) need him back asap. Ridiculous
  18. muppetdodger

    January Transfer Window 2022

    Interestingly Tatlor says how much he'll improve the strikeforce, especially when Oz comes back in. So do we take from that that Oz is staying around and couldeven be signing for next year?