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  1. Grecian in Cumbria

    League 1 News 22-23

    Google suggests that the record for the third tier is the Sheffield derby at Hillsborough in 1979 that had 49,309
  2. Grecian in Cumbria


    You are forgetting about the imminent annual collapse of our green neighbours 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Grecian in Cumbria

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    68 miles from Bradford to Hull so shouldn’t be too long to pick up Scott after dropping off Stubbs!!
  4. Grecian in Cumbria

    February 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    04/2 H Charlton D 2-2 11/2 A Burton W 0-2 14/2 H Shrewsbury W 3-0 18/2 A Port Vale D 0-0 25/2 H Cambridge United W 2-0 11 points
  5. Grecian in Cumbria

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    I understand why clubs want to keep it undisclosed in the short term but,if all these figures eventually get published in accounts, couldn‘t there just be a rule that all figures have to be disclosed at the end of each transfer window?
  6. Grecian in Cumbria

    Exeweb age census

    Are you suggesting a gender poll? [hears sound of can of worms opening]
  7. Grecian in Cumbria

    League 1 News 22-23

    Some people will do anything to avoid being Everton manager these days 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Grecian in Cumbria

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    While we are nervously looking over our shoulders about our prospects for next season can someone please explain why there are still 4 teams relegated from L1? When you consider there are 24 teams in all leagues from the Championship down to the Conference it makes little sense to me that there...
  9. Grecian in Cumbria

    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Are you predicting a move for Archie to Sunderland/Sheffield United? :unsure:
  10. Grecian in Cumbria

    January 2023 Points Prediction Thread

    01/1 A Oxford 1-1 D 14/1 H Forest Green Rovers 2-0 W 21/1 A Portsmouth 2-1L 24/1 H Barnsley 1-1 D 28/1 A M K Dons 0-0 D 6 points
  11. Grecian in Cumbria

    How Long Before Matt Taylor Is 'Relieved Of His Duties'?

    Given that we have a "Former Players" thread with over 9,000 posts, I suspect there could be enough interest for a similar "Former Managers" one!
  12. Grecian in Cumbria

    Ampadu in Wales squad

    Yes FIFA are wrekin (😉) the world cup - may as well scrap all qualifying, include every country in the world and have a straight knockout FA Cup style!
  13. Grecian in Cumbria

    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    Let’s do what England did on Monday, not the carp negativity of last night and goooooooooooo for it - any result that gets us in the hat for round 3 will do nicely. COYR
  14. Grecian in Cumbria

    Sheffield Wednesday (h) ticket availability

    I appreciate this may be a naive and/or simplistic view but no other sport is segregated like football and it usually adds to the atmosphere when there is inter-team banter. I agree that if the infiltrators are not proper chaps then this may lead to problems but that is when stewards / police...
  15. Grecian in Cumbria

    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    We’ll let’s hope he gives the reds to the blues - or whatever colour Ipswich wear today!
  16. Grecian in Cumbria

    Welcome Jevani Brown

    Unfortunately it will take more than getting to the 3rd round, we'll need a plum 3rd round draw too - Luton away, or the winner of FGR/Alvechurch won't do anything for our coffers!
  17. Grecian in Cumbria

    FA Cup 2022/23 Second Round Draw

    Carlisle would be handy for this Grecian 😀
  18. Grecian in Cumbria

    November/December 2022 Points Prediction Thread

    12/11 H Peterborough 3-2 W 19/11 H Ipswich 1-1 D 02/12 A Morecambe 1-2 W 10/12 H Sheffield Wednesday 0-0 D 17/12 A Bolton 2-0 L 26/12 H Portsmouth 0-2 L 29/11 A Bristol Rovers 2-2 D 9 points
  19. Grecian in Cumbria

    Peterborough Utd (H) Discussion Thread

    Why aren't Collins and Kite on this chart? Looks like it is sorted by assists only - seems strange?
  20. Grecian in Cumbria

    FA Cup 2022/23 Second Round Draw

    You are correct - it was Norwich or Exeter v Liverpool or Swansea when the draw was made. We lost our replay 0-2 and Swansea lost 0-8!!