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  1. ramone

    Jevani Brown

    God forbid something should have been written in the past that doesn't sound right in the present ! You know the sort of thing like a joke for instance !
  2. ramone

    SJP naming rights

    Maybe the "offers for the club" thread wasn't so far off the mark !
  3. ramone

    Manager Thread..Appointments & Dismissals

    Cant see the twitter feed as it doesnt exist anymore , but would that have been the FA enquiry about a certain Mr Yems and alleged racial abuse at Creepy Crawley ?
  4. ramone

    Offers for the club - would this ever filter down to members?

    Should there be someone with enough money to buy the club lock stock and barrel wouldnt that person/company want a large amount of advertising space maybe even naming rights like Newcastle's ground name was changed ? There have been numerous local companies that have helped ECFC over the years...
  5. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    4 children killed ?? By who pray tell From what I can find out 2 died of malnutrition / disease , while another dies of pneumonia. As for being groomed and raped those claims only came about AFTER her then husband was killed and she found out she couldn't come back to the UK.
  6. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    Just a quick question if Harry had slotted Shamima Begun would he have been a good guy or bad guy in the eyes of the general public ?
  7. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    Try this number on ebay 175536284502 £15.00 + postage
  8. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    Wont that in itself be called racist ! We all know how this roundabout works now
  9. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    So the long awaited book hits the shelves, and already its half price. Sort of says it all really.
  10. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    Maybe the UK interview should be put out on CBS/CNN so they can see what a turncoat he is. Lets face it he is looking for an audience to pander to his fairytales and at present he has a willing audience in the States clamouring for every snippet of gossip about the Royal Family.
  11. ramone

    T.V. adverts you can't stand

    The advert for DuckDuckGo internet security where the man from Google is stood behind watching everything you do I'll be watching you ! Available from . . . . . Google !
  12. ramone

    International relations thread

    Yeah well done Santa for killing 3 service personnel who were just doing their job. It may not be to everyone's taste on here, but squaddies no matter who they serve are just doing what they are told by their superior's ! No family (on either side) deserves to lose someone at this time of year.
  13. ramone

    Last film watched..

    Perfect Friday the other night on Talking Pictures channel. Stanley Baker is the under,under manager of a bank who is obviously not very happy with his job and the prospect of not moving further up the chain and comes up with a brilliant plan of robbing his own bank , Thing is he needs someone...
  14. ramone

    Lets discriminalise all drugs now.

    The second clip is similar to a longer one from iirc Alberta ?
  15. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    When I hear about her in the news I cant help but think this is another Wallis Simpson in the making. " Hearsay and conjecture have clouded assessment of the Duchess of Windsor's life, not helped by her own manipulation of the truth. But, in the opinion of her biographers, there is no document...
  16. ramone

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    You mean the bit about accusing King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla of domestic violence towards Meghan ? An unproven claim !
  17. ramone

    Favourite Exeter pubs - past or present

    Remember getting barred from there when I was around 14-15 before going to Georges Hall for a gig. Dad and Mum ran it for a while and me and my brother were changing the records on the jukebox that was downstairs in the cellar changing things like Frank Ifield I remember you for Bat out of...
  18. ramone

    Mince Pies the good the bad and the downright disgusting

    Been together over 25+ years and she will be the first to admit she isnt the cook in the house and tbh I've never thought about doing my own , Maybe I'll give it a go this year.
  19. ramone

    Mince Pies the good the bad and the downright disgusting

    Quite partial to a mince pie and like to try a few different ones to give them a marks out of ten score So far this year Sainsburys seem to have dropped the ball with their 6 pack selection of pies although they were pretty much filled to the brim the taste wasn't right for me 4/10 The...
  20. ramone

    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    Didnt realise Huxtable was out there