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    Jevani Brown

    Heard the same
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    Joma to Adidas

    Guy on Twitter that has been accurate lately with info.
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    Joma to Adidas

    I have seen some rumour that our kit supplier next season will be adidas. That would be sensational if that is the case….
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Have just heard from a mate that Bristol city are in for Sam Nombe as Antoine Semenyo is going and they are going try and sign him.
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    OFF: ECFC V Barnsley : MDT 24th January 7.45pm

    How can it be off when it’s 5 degrees and sun been on the pitch all day. I’ve left work early due to thinking it’s on. No communications from the club all day
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    This will be a bit controversial but I don’t believe key has the end product to be a championship player. He has no idea in the final third on most occasions and I would be taking 500k plus at the moment
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    Just saying…
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    No update on Rakeem Harper! Still not played a minute
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    Gary's January Transfer Window

    On a positive we are making a loan move for Mattie pollock a CB from Watford. Several other clubs have too. So no certainty!
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    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    January is so important. I think you might as well tear up Stubbs contract. Best defender but cannot get him on the pitch. It’s always 3-4 weeks and it never happens when he Is back. we need to invest to stop what coild Soon become a rot. We are lucky we have had a good start but if we lose on...
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    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    Need to take sparkes off. Really off it and now booked. Will get sent off today if not taken out of the firing line
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    Derby County vs Exeter City Match-day Thread

    Is Diabate there tonight?
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    Jon Hill - New First Team Coach

    Wonder what compo we got for MT, WC and JH. hopefully enough to boost the budget!
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    Matt Taylor Leaving? Has left!

    I wonder what compensation fee we are looking at. I would consider at least 500k acceptable for Taylor and Carlisle. Thoughts?
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    Jevani’s Contract

    I thought Nombe signed 3 and Jevani 2?
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    Jevani’s Contract

    If I am right to believe he out of contract at the end of the season. It needs to be a priority to get him signed on a new deal asap! Should use the 19/31 money to bump his pay and get that extension!
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    Summer Transfer Thread

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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Here we go….