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  1. cannockred

    music quiz redux

  2. cannockred

    music quiz redux

    Hallelujah for number 10 , a bit of goal hanging
  3. cannockred

    Portsmouth vs Exeter Match Day - 21 Jan 2023 - Thread

    And me in sunny spain, watching ifollow.
  4. cannockred

    music quiz redux

    9 sony?
  5. cannockred

    Little things that amuse you

    They think of everything in spain😱
  6. cannockred

    St. James Park - Championship Ground

    I believe that the stadium was funded by the city council and is all the home for the rugby League team, the knights. Please see attached link
  7. cannockred

    ECFC V FGR Matchday thread

    Be prepared for a cold snap next week. Could drop as low as 9'c.........
  8. cannockred

    December player of the month

    A close runner up for me!😏
  9. cannockred

    Goal of the Month December

    Archie goal against brizzle. Pure shot left the goalie stranded.
  10. cannockred

    December player of the month

    No competition , has to be jamal
  11. cannockred

    Oxford United vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Have to say that, listening to the oxford comms on Ifollow via iptv (dont ask🤫), they were very fair in their comments on the game, berating the ref for the many wrong decisions against both sides. Unusual to hear.
  12. cannockred

    The Feckin' Dire Thread

    And what about tony Rowe for services to rugby and COMMUNITY. What's that about? If the chiefs only did half as much as city, then that would be worthy of honour.
  13. cannockred

    Little things that amuse you

    Showing an advert for a car, which is all about safety, breaking the road speed limit.
  14. cannockred

    Exeter City v Sheffield Wednesday Matchday Thread

    The wednesday forum (owlstalk) matchday thread spend the whole time (34 pages) talking about how crap their players were and not a thing about the game or the opposition...And we think exewebs bad :)
  15. cannockred

    Nelson Iseguan

    Its a miracle, it just seems like yesterday was his 20th birthday :cool:
  16. cannockred

    Exeter City vs Ipswich Town match day thread

    Ipswich the better side but ref missed a defo pen for the same sort of foul that he booked sparks for🤔. And what's this sky sports love in for Ipswich?
  17. cannockred

    Last time you saw someone famous

    How did you know, they were all wearing masks 😕😉
  18. cannockred

    Former Players

    I have to be honest, I didn't recognise him in that guildhall video ...........