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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    10 years since our relegation to League Two. 3 heartbreaking playoff final losses. 4:30 wake up in Australia. All worth it for the promotion to League One tonight. WE ARE GOING UP!
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    Injury/Suspension List Thread

    We've had a few players back since last posted, so I think the current injury list looks something like this: Kyle Taylor - Season Nombe - Season? If not, then back for the last game. Harry Kite - Season Grounds - ??
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    Injury/Suspension List Thread

    So currently: Kyle Taylor - Season Dieng - 1 week? Nombe - 4-6 weeks? Atangana- 2 games Harry Kite - Season? Sweeney - Available/1 game Grounds - ?? Am I missing anything else?
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    Injury/Suspension List Thread

    Hey guys, I'm struggling to find an official injury list that specifically lists who's out and for how long. Seeing as it doesn't look like the club keeps an official list on their website or for the public to see, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a long running injury list thread...