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  1. Phil Sayers

    Question for the Steering Committee

    I have read that three things affect wheel alignment - namely caster, camber and toe. Now I don't really understand cars so I would be grateful if you could give me a swift explanation as to each. Thanks in advance.
  2. Phil Sayers

    Tisdale or Evans

    I suspect Crawley would beat us (and half the other teams in L1) at the moment. According to some of the logic displayed on here that must mean that Evans is a better manager than Tisdale. Completely aside from the fact he is a fat, red-faced, fraudulent ***** who I would never in a million...
  3. Phil Sayers

    Argyle thugs

    No, not the fans this time but the players. Disgraceful discipline. Nine red cards so far this season and twenty two since the beginning of 10/11 season. When are the FA and / or FL going to step in with an approriate punishment (I would think a ten point deduction should suffice) to stop these...
  4. Phil Sayers

    Big moments for the gutless officials

    I appreciate that there is not much to debate on this thread because posters will either agree or disagree and there is nothing we (and by that I mean the Club rather than posters) can do about it. Also I accept that Oldham had a couple of (much weaker) 'shouts' today. Nevertheless I am not...
  5. Phil Sayers

    Porkus, Porkus show us your beard

    I've seen you're part of the beard growing fraternity. Get your beard out for the lads. Go on - you know you want to put a picture up for our amusement! :)
  6. Phil Sayers

    Noise pledge

    I never start chants but almost always join in with them - sometimes though that is in an 'England player mouthing the National Anthem' manner. On Saturday I'm still not going to start any but will sing as loud as I can to any I hear going. For all the criticism of the atmosphere at SJP when...
  7. Phil Sayers

    A complete and utter cheat

    Is on trial (not in the Ridsdale sense sadly) at Argyle. Anthony Elding makes Dim Tim look like a decent, honest human being. I hope you send him on his way ASAP - for your own sakes.
  8. Phil Sayers

    Curtis Ujah

    Training with us according to the Facebook official page. I can't find much out about him at all but it seems that the knee-injury mentioned in this article did for him long term: The last...
  9. Phil Sayers

    A rivalry is born

    As I was about to throw it out I glanced again at the back page of the June Truro Packet and the following jumped out: "Truro City have announced its friendlies for the 2011-12 pre-season which includes playing Devon rivals Plymouth Argyle. Aside from their apparent inability to recognise...
  10. Phil Sayers

    Enough is enough

    I posted a couple of suggested appropriate song titles on the other thread and the strangest thing happened - I felt a little guilty at doing so. Never in a million years would I have expected that when it comes to taking the **** out of PAFC - I must be going soft. I won't take the **** out...
  11. Phil Sayers

    Twenty Quid Says Mark 3

    Honour partially restored I'm willing to bet up to three people that neither the Gulls nor the Gargs make the play-offs or higher next season. Personally I think I'm giving decent odds as any takers will always have their second team (in every sense of the word! :)) to fall back on so I'm not...
  12. Phil Sayers

    Sometimes one thread just isn't enough...

    ...and this is one of those moments. Peter Ridsdale isn't just becoming Argyle chairman he's actually going to become their owner. Unbelievable. From the moment he was on 'holiday' in Devon and Oldham he's played an absolute blinder and fooled everyone. Machiavelli could learn a trick or two...
  13. Phil Sayers

    Magical moments

    Clap your hands if you were there for all of the following: - JPT Argyle game - Wednesday 5-1 - Charlton 1-3 - Argyle home - Wednesday away and on a sombre note Rovers at home. Clap, clap! Special memories every one. Five joyous and one sad. Got lucky really as I only did the big / close...
  14. Phil Sayers

    Extremely pointless question of the day

    If all the world is a stage where do the costume changes happen?
  15. Phil Sayers

    Cathedral City of Exeter braced.....

    .....for a wave of third world delinquents attempting to claim asylum next week. The Daily Mail will no doubt be frothing at the mouth but I can't really blame people for wanting a better life.
  16. Phil Sayers

    City v Argyle prediction thread

    2-0. One in each half during a game you are never really in. Annoyingly we can't actually relegate you but we can and will give you a very firm shove in the right direction.
  17. Phil Sayers


    I fear that now he can't come on Exeweb..... ....his Green Street DVD will be worn out before the ban expires.
  18. Phil Sayers

    It's all but over....

    .....Argyle going down with barely a whimper. Nine, effectively ten, from safety with only seven games to go. One of those is against us so make that a minimum of nine, effectively ten, to recover in 6 games. It would take Brighton-esque form for you to even have a chance and frankly that...
  19. Phil Sayers

    Sorry Argyle

    But I'm afraid that if you aren't willing to help yourselves then we won't help you either.
  20. Phil Sayers

    Sweaties v Swillies

    This could be one of the most important fixtures of the season. Win tonight and 'resurgam' continues unabated with Hartlepool being just a minor hiccup. Lose and the new found confidence may just drain away completely.