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  1. Grecian Max

    Blackman head injury/Argyle

    Do we know if he was concussed? Looked like he was knocked out last night. Hard to decipher the FA guidelines but seems to be set in stages to test for recovery - with each stage being 24hrs minimum. Taking this into account does that mean he will be out against Argyle?
  2. Grecian Max

    Sides on the Bank

    Been discussed loads of times I know 😅 However looking at the ground and how tidy it is now (we even have the big screen) - perhaps the smaller improvements could be looked at? I think this would make a big acoustic contribution to what already is a great atmosphere. Would increase advertising...
  3. Grecian Max

    Our frontline, who plays - change of formation?

    So within 24hrs we've from having Nombe as the only recognised senior CF with Cox as back up to suddenly having a lot more options. Obviously unlikely to see much change tomorrow, but going forward how is this going to play out? Do we change our formation a bit? Where does Jevani play now - in...
  4. Grecian Max

    Taylor to Swindon?

    Bit weird that he’s 2/1 for the Swindon job, I can only assume there’s been a mix up with the Marty Taylor that played for them (and Pompey etc) as that wouldn’t make any sense at all 😂
  5. Grecian Max

    Defining moments

    I often think back to our last promotion and those clear moments that stood out that piece together a successful year. What have been the defining parts for you? Obviously the big one like Jay’s winner v Barrow but what about Nombe getting the clapping going at the bank for the first time, was...
  6. Grecian Max

    Away attendances

    Anyone got a list of our away support this year?
  7. Grecian Max


    A thread to chat about the deadline day without being locked
  8. Grecian Max

    Deadline day predictions

    Transfer rumour thread seems of have been deleted, so the question is now - what for transfer deadline day on Tuesday? With only today and tomorrow before the bank holiday probably a good time to talk about this. I think we will bring in more than expected and will move on players that are too...
  9. Grecian Max

    Big Bankers - where do you stand?

    On another thread had a chat about people's spots on the Bank. It's amazing we get the choice of terracing still which gives you truly free access to an entire stand that you can change mid game if you so wish. Where's your normal spot? And does it correspond with the old Bank? I've usually...
  10. Grecian Max

    Why is the SJP/Covid thread locked?

    Probably the most interesting conversation on here
  11. Grecian Max

    Good set of results

    I streamed the Newport v Salford game, I've now seen Salfiord 3 times this year and they aren't anything to worry about IMO. Both teams looked physical but not great. I know we're on a wobble but I really believe in our quality this season. We are better than these teams, I really hope we can...
  12. Grecian Max

    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    For me, it is... by a mile. First game 1995.
  13. Grecian Max

    Red Legion run for Stanno foundation on Sat, last call for donations :)

    The RL lads are doing a half marathon tomorrow between numerous football grounds across the city, ending up at SJP for the Swansea game. They’re just under £100 off their target of £500 - all of the money raised will go to the Adam Stansfield Foundation. Link here...
  14. Grecian Max

    Centre back pairing

    Troy Brown has been immense for us, but anyone else think perhaps Martin and Croll might be the best bet going forward? Both a bit more cultured in their approach I think and look more balanced as a pairing? Deano on the left and Sweeney on the right, looks like a very strong L2 back line to me.
  15. Grecian Max

    Director of football

    Are we gonna get one in? Apparently Alan Pardew has been hanging round Exeter.
  16. Grecian Max

    Steve Perryman tonight

    Heard he had some nice words to say at the EDGs end of season thing tonight. Any quotes?
  17. Grecian Max

    Tisdale to MK Dons

    Favourite apparently 2/5 at BetVictor Wouldn't be surprised, MK Dons are very much a place I can imagine him at. Cardboard cut out fans, the perfect venue for his football ;)
  18. Grecian Max

    Lincoln ticket swap? (We’re split between 2 stands)

    I’ve got a ticket in the stand on the side of the pitch (Lincoln uni stand), anyone with a ticket behind the goal (bridge mcafarland stand) want to swap?
  19. Grecian Max

    Please help RL - New Drum Fund

    New Drum & Display Fund Donate here ---> Or via PayPal send to [email protected] --------------- After a number of repairs last season the drum that has served us well for the last couple of seasons has now officially broken and unusable. It's...
  20. Grecian Max

    Best reception contact?

    Anyone know who would be best to contact about the drum and flags? I emailed reception but haven't had a response, I'm not surprised they're probably snowed under... Obviously need to sort soon as I'd imagine they need to go to Wembley and get back to us... Richard Knight is our usual contact...