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    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    Appologies guys, I was so interested in points scoring,I forgot that there are actually human beings on the other end of the computer.
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    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    Yes we are now officially the most entertaining team ever again! We are making the Brazil 1970 World Cup team, look like Torquay United under Paul Buckle!!
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    I have to strongly disagree with you're saying , in Northern Norway today there are just 3 hours of daylight , compared to nearly 9 hours in Exeter!!!! Despite Norwegian weather may be crisper and brighter and the English weather duller, the fact that we have 6 hours more daylight obviously...
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    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)
  5. IBA

    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    Interesting report that in Northern Norway where there is very little light in the winter SAD is unheard of.
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    I hate to say it, but I think it would be a massive achievement if we somehow got into the play-offs this season
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    The Politics Thread USA Edition

    Hoping that Trump goes off and forms his own party competing against the Republicans which then splits the Right Wing vote - which helps the Democrats get re-elected with Harris as president!!
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    UK Lockdown

    there is a problem with right wing politics in that the ideology of minimum government interference in peoples lives being completely incompatible with dealing with a pandemic such as Covid.
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    Vaccine found 90% successful

    As long as it's not Katie Hopkins!!
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    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    welcome to Exeter Sam, may your time with the club be long and successful!
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    Alan Beer and a great comeback....

    "seat cushions were whizzing out of the Main Stand in the general direction of red shirted non de plumes", SEAT CUSHIONS?!!!!! are you sure this was South Yorkshire 1977?
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    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    I noticed the same things in respect of a more possession football/weighted passes whenever I have watched clips of the games, I also thought that with the weather being about 40 degrees this may have also have been a factor!
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    Politics Today

    - Pretti is correct on this one, just why have we only just introduced adequate controls on our Borders? - I thought Right-wingers were all in favour of Strict Border Control!!
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    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    I think the OP was a bit premature
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    Is this the most entertaining team we've seen?

    This thread encapsulates how fickle and how generally reactionary football fans really are. One minute we are the most exciting Exeter City team in the last 50 years and the next we are the opposite. Sort it out Exeweb.
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    UK Lockdown

    A few questions which I would be grateful if you could answer 1) why are Jpapan and Denmark below us in the covid death rate list? They are right there at the top of the oldest populations in the world, are densely populated and have as dodgy weather as we do, especially Denmark, and they have...
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    UK Lockdown

    Ok then how do explain why the following countries have lower covid death rates then ours, Moldova Peru Bulgaria Usa Spain Hungary Croatia Panama Mexico France Armenia Argentina Switzerland Brazil Sweden Colombia Chile Romania Poland Ecuador Bolivia Lithuania Kosovo Portugal...
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    UK Lockdown

    Yes but obviously secondary kids can usually work from home and primary kids can't. So primary schools parents would rather send their kids into the classroom hence the much higher percentage of attendees vis a vis, secondaries. This is a real problem and risks of infection from young children...