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  1. cannockred

    Which club is this? 🙂

    Quote from a well known fans site. 'Are the FA that stupid? it does push my buttons to see Clubs threatened in this way, especially a Club as well run and ethical as ours is.' The only clue is😂
  2. cannockred

    Kurt Zouma

    Hi all, I would hope that following the events that this low life committed on a defenceless animal, that for the rest of his career, he gets booed every time he plays. I know that I would never welcome him and if it was down to me, he would be prosecuted and then sacked by west ham. Rant over!
  3. cannockred

    Notts County (a) 20th Jan

    Can all Grecians traveeling by train to this match by train, please check travel arrangements next week. Nottingham station is currently suffering a huge blaze, which has devastated the concourse. Cheers
  4. cannockred

    Robert Mugabe

    Shag, marry, Avoid. Discuss
  5. cannockred

    Rubbish and Dustbins emergency loans

    Just noticed on the chesterfield website that R&D have made players available for emergency loan including Curtis Woodhouse and a certain Lee Phillips:-O Its said that they are doing this to arrest their poor start to the season...