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  1. cityno1ledgend

    The centre spot beach party

    This is to take place on the 31st of July starting at 12pm with lots of activites throughtout the day. Familys welcome with Drink offers, Karaoke/disco outside, BBQ and Limbo competition. C*cktails will also be available as a summer treat! Also there will be a pool competition which I am...
  2. cityno1ledgend

    The centre spot

    Just to let everyone know as the club haven't put anything on the offical site the centre spot will be showing the Torquay and Man united game on the big screen with 4 smaller screen around the pub. Cheap drinks offers on such as £2 carlsberg, £2-50 orginal and pear gaymers bottle's, Tribute...
  3. cityno1ledgend

    sort it out bbc sport

    Looking at the JPT news and this is what i found. 'A West country clash takes place in the southern section, as Championship side Plymouth take on Exeter of League One'.
  4. cityno1ledgend

    behind closed door game

    Exeter are playing Millwall behind closed doors tomoro at woodbury. FACT.
  5. cityno1ledgend

    Help !!!

    I have lost my season ticket book and can't find it anywhere. do i just go into the club shop and say i lost my book cause i dont want to be paying for the last 3games. any help will be appreciated
  6. cityno1ledgend

    Were not on the tv.

    Paulton Rovers v Norwich City, 12.45pm, Saturday 7 November on ITV1 Oldham Athletic v Leeds United, 5.15pm, Saturday 7 November, streamed live on and through the Perform distribution network Northwich Victoria v Charlton Athletic, 1.30pm, Sunday 8 November on ITV1, followed by...
  7. cityno1ledgend

    JPT Trophy

    The second round draw is on soccer am this coming saturday ! Are we going to worry about this competition or is Tis going for another trip too Wembley :) Home draw please .
  8. cityno1ledgend

    petrol to leeds?

    How much is everyone putting in there tank for the trip to leeds just out of interest. Plus what transport? Minibus , Car , GO Kart
  9. cityno1ledgend

    Want to play for Exeter against Leeds?

    Well heres your chance. Maybe not at Elland Road but still want Exeter to win this league.
  10. cityno1ledgend

    Great news! Our promotion winning goal scorer :) Logie ;)
  11. cityno1ledgend

    Cheifs lost

    Lost to moesly in a cup semi final and league game double header 32-24 oh dear oh dear ...
  12. cityno1ledgend

    Macca song

    there should be a song for Craig Mcallister tonight, and this is it (the tune of you are my sunshine) Craig Mcallister, he's a top fella he came to city, to bang them in, to bang them in best by a mile, he hates argyle don't you take my macca away lalalala ooooh What you think ?
  13. cityno1ledgend

    wierd injuries

    just watched a vidoe about margate fc and there keeper rang up the night before a match and said 'i was posting a letter then by dog bit my finger' You dont hear James saying that to capello :L The FAT Ronaldo was another wierd injury . after his first game back from a long term lay off he...
  14. cityno1ledgend

    Bored !

    Anyone got any games?
  15. cityno1ledgend

    What a match !

    The final of the aussie final is amazing to watch Federer and Nadal are playing incredible tennis :) i still think Federer is the better aplayer and will win this match .
  16. cityno1ledgend

    Sports Personality of the year 2008

    Top Ten contenders are : Ben Aisle (Sailing) Won gold in Beijing and previous won 2 Golds and a Silver/ Lewis Hamilton (Forumla 1) Won the F1 World Championship and the youngest ever win of the title. Chris Hoy (Cycling) winning three golds in Cycling the first Briton to do so at one Games...
  17. cityno1ledgend

    did any one know ... Andy marriot on loan?