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  1. Doug P

    St Pauli Song

    For those of you that asked last night & for those of you that need need to know for next time. We love you, We love you, We love you, And where you play we'll follow, We'll follow, We'll follow, Coz we support the City, The City, The City, And that’s the way we like it, We like it, We like...
  2. Doug P

    Count Down to Dorchester

    With only 24 days to go until my new season fix of City. It's a Clap, Clap from the nipper and I. [y]
  3. Doug P

    New Nardiello Cant for the BB

    Ello ello Nardiello ello, ello, Ok, so it’s short and sweet (a bit like me) but given time it will work. (Plagiarised from the Cowshed in the early 80’s)
  4. Doug P

    Plymouth Could Still Go Down!

    Quote “Decision On Saints Expected Soon” “Non-League may know by Tuesday if Southampton will drop into the Conference. The Championship Saint are reported to be £30m in debt and ready to fold if a new buyer doesn’t come forward. St Mary’s sources say the process to begin winding up will be on...