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  1. Oldsmobile-88

    Oxford Utd v Exeter City : FAC 2nd Round : MDT

    Righto, lets start this one off. A tough assignment. Oxford have picked up a bit of form in the past few weeks. The Grecians are in good recent form. The makings of a good Cup Tie. I would not be disappointed with a draw, except that a replay would mess with my plans in the West Highlands !
  2. Oldsmobile-88

    Cambridge Utd : 13th August

    A favourite venue of mine to watch the Grecians. A pain to get to from Devon unfortunately, I now use the Birmingham M5 route then M6(s) & A14. Always a favourite for certain Grecians due to the number of good real ale pubs(though expensive) in the city centre.
  3. Oldsmobile-88

    Exeter City v Northampton Town : L2 : 7.45pm : MDT

    I hope I’ve got the right day 😎 Will Podge start in place of Nombe ? I suspect he will. The start of a run of games against teams around the top of the division.
  4. Oldsmobile-88

    Port Vale : December 18th

    Should be a good contest.Vale are going well under Darrell Clarke. Looking forward to this one.One of my away favourite days out. I do love a rough old town 😁
  5. Oldsmobile-88

    Scunthorpe away : 11th September.

    Not the most appealing trip for anyone who has to travel a great distance. £163 return on the train from ESD 😁 ! You can probably shave £30 off that with the usual ticket splitting. It’s not too bad a drive(4-5 hrs)if the Motorways are clear,Glanford Park being just off the M180. Undecided if...
  6. Oldsmobile-88

    MDT Exeter v Chelsea : PJT 7pm KO

    This must be the latest MDT ever.
  7. Oldsmobile-88

    Barrow(A) Tues 17/8/21 Discussion Thread.

    A tough assignment coming up for the Grecians. Who knows what team will start.Almond may not be 100% match fit.I think MT will have no choice but to start with him.
  8. Oldsmobile-88

    Olympics-Tokyo 2021(2020)

    Opening ceremony 23rd July. Team GB had stellar success in London 2020 & Rio 2016. I wonder if the team can get near those highs again ?
  9. Oldsmobile-88

    Next season on the road.

    I never thought I would miss the familiar M5/M6 furrow following the Grecians.I have.A few of the usual ones next season plus a few to be confirmed. Lets hope normal service is resumed with away games next season,without any sort of restrictions in attending in these strange times. A couple of...
  10. Oldsmobile-88

    World Cup : Qatar Nov/Dec 2022.

    Anyone thinking of going ? Assuming of course England qualify. I have never been to a World Cup Finals & would love to take in a tournament. The only World Cup Tournament I ever planned on going to was USA ‘94..Saved up for about 18 months in those cash strapped times of 12-15% mortgage rates...
  11. Oldsmobile-88


    How much physical exercise do fellow posters do in a normal week ? Age & physical wellbeing can scupper any of us no matter how keen we are to keep fit. I have just turned 60(ffs) Games of 5 a side are long gone I’m afraid. My knees are knackered unfortunately 🙁 Luckily that does not stop me...
  12. Oldsmobile-88

    Cambridge Utd V Exeter City : Discussion Thread.

    A tough gig on Saturday.Cambridge have been pretty consistent throughout the season,have benefitted from not having too many games called off. Getting points in the bag whilst others,inc the Grecians had games in hand which as we have seen means very little on a poor run of form. A point would...
  13. Oldsmobile-88

    Exeter City v Salford : MDT : 1pm KO

    As I appear to have insomnia.This one is started early. Let’s hope the possession & chances created that have been a feature of the last few games will result in a few goals & not the usual hard luck story after 90 mins.
  14. Oldsmobile-88

    World Cup Qualifiers for 2022.

    It just goes to show how much my brain has been mushed in the past 12 months I thought England had already qualified 😁😁 It feels like a late start for a WC qualifying campaign for 2022.I have just remembered the competition in Qatar starts late next year. Facing San Marino to start this one off.
  15. Oldsmobile-88

    MDT : Exeter City v Bolton Wanderers 7pm KO

    A slick surface for this evening by the look of the forecast.
  16. Oldsmobile-88

    Dan McCauley

    Dan McCauleys name was mentioned on another thread,has anyone got any particular memories of the time he tried to get involved with the club ? I can’t remember that much about his involvement in any takeover except the occasion he had a plane fly over SJP with a banner saying “Dans the Man” or...
  17. Oldsmobile-88

    Minimum Alcohol Pricing.

    With increasing state control of all of our lives in the past 9 months,another health initiative is coming down the tracks.Minimum pricing for alcoholic units(this has already been implemented by the devolved Scottish Administration) It would not make a great deal of difference to me because I...
  18. Oldsmobile-88

    Morecambe Tues 3rd Nov.Discussion thread.

    Goalkeeper situation.Will the young Icelander continue ? Morecambe look like they have a good side this season.A few good loan signings brought in. Derick Adams has dispensed with the old guard of Roache & Ellison in a clear out after the last season was cancelled.Very much his team now after...
  19. Oldsmobile-88

    Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD)

    Anyone else get this kicking in at this time of the year ? I always thought it was a load of nonsense when I was younger,but since turning 40 nearly a couple of decades ago it seems to effect me a little more with each passing year. Its going to be worse this year with all of the restrictions...
  20. Oldsmobile-88

    Mansfield Town v Exeter City MDT

    Strange times..A late start match day thread. I will be following on this forum. It’s a few years since I’ve missed a Grecian game at Field Mill ☹️