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  1. HarryECFC

    Exeter City V Tranmere Rovers Matchday Thread

    After an eight year drought of starting threads. Praying the boys bring it home! Come on you reds!
  2. HarryECFC

    The Modernisation Of Football

    Hello, Personally I am fully against the modernisation of football, its becoming less about the fans and more about the business. Football with out fans is essentially nothing and we are being ruled out of our game through extortionate pricing and modern all seated stadiums creating little to...
  3. HarryECFC

    Pyrotechnics Increase at Football Matches

    Brilliant article by Hants here. What are your thoughts? Personally I think they're brilliant and add to atmosphere but they're illegal and not worth the risk.
  4. HarryECFC

    Matt Oakley

    Today at the Q&A with Tis he said if he was a betting man then he would say Oakley will be signing. He said he is not interested in any other club. Looks like he will be staying. I expect a club statement to be announced within a week.
  5. HarryECFC

    Cheltenham offering fans free travel to SJP

    Hello, So many clubs this year have been offering free travel to some games this year and I was wondering if we have ever done it? If we win at Cheltenham I think the club should offer free travel to chesterfield :)
  6. HarryECFC

    Scummers vs Exeter City FC Official Matchday Thread

    Comee on cityyy! Pride of devon!!! 10:19 traiinnnn! Buzzinnnggg
  7. HarryECFC

    Debate: Are humans responsible for Global Warming?

    Hello, For my science coursework I am to discuss about this topic. I was wondering what your thoughts are. Here are a couple of facts to start you off. There is no proof that humans are responsible for global warming and some of the facts that were used to try and prove global warming. Such...
  8. HarryECFC

    Balloons for the Hartlepool Game!

    Hello... Want to help with the siege in buying accessories? Saturday against Hartlepool is a game that we can win! I spoke to Tis and Perryman yesterday for a brief moment while they were signing the drum and they were saying the noise the flags everything boosts the players adrenaline and...
  9. HarryECFC

    Making Money:Affiliates

    Hello, I was thinking a potential way to make money through an affiliates scheme. Have a affiliates page on which local exeter companies can pay £15 a month (or something like that) to be advertised on that. Then have an extra board on the forums where they can post updates and latest deals...
  10. HarryECFC

    Troy Archibald Henville deserves interest from other clubs? Will he stay or will he go?
  11. HarryECFC

    TUTORIAL: How to Report Another User.

    Hello, This is a tutorial on how to report users. Firstly You DON'T report a user if they have not done anything wrong. They must have broken one of the Rules. So Here is how to do it. Below is an example of a post which shows the report button: When you click on that report button it then...
  12. HarryECFC

    Exeter City manager must sell first before adding to squad

    Who do you think will be out the door if we do buy someone?
  13. HarryECFC

    The Famous ECFC Traveller

    The Mighty...
  14. HarryECFC

    The Siege Media!

    Hello All! Do you have any photos/videos of the Siege in action? We are looking for any photo's and videos you have and especially ones that feature the drum and the flags. Many Thanks Harry
  15. HarryECFC

    [GAME] Manipulation!

    Hello.... This is a weird game but basically you quote the person above you but when your replying you can edit there quote. Look below in my next post...
  16. HarryECFC

    Drum and Flags Thread!

    So now you've seen/heard the Drums and Flags if you went today so what are your thoughts?
  17. HarryECFC

    The mystery behind Nardiello's Injurys...

    Hello All... At first we were told that it was a cramp and he would be ready for the next game. Then it was something worse. He hasn't played in a while. Did they ever tell us what was actually wrong with him. They think he will be ready for the next game... But will he? Thanks!
  18. HarryECFC

    The Around The World Game!

    You post a Country, City, Town or State etc., beginning with the last letter of that in the previous post. Example ~ Washington Niagara Falls Singapore I'll start us off. Exeter You are restricted to one Place per post. Don't spam though!
  19. HarryECFC

    [HELP]Orient Ticket Info

    Hello... I have a friend wishing to purchase a ticket and he is U16 and doesn't want to pay the £17 but the £5 originally offered by the club. So... How do I order a ticket from the club? Can I do it online? What time is reception open?
  20. HarryECFC

    The Exeweb ExeBoxers.

    Hi what are your Xbox Live names?? Mine is: PeRFoRMaH