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    Forest Green Rovers vs Exeter City match day thread

    I did wonder why he seemed to sprint off at the final whistle.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Burton really struggling, surprised Hasslebaink hasn't been sacked yet.
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    Exeter City v MK Dons Match Day Thread

    Sweeneys composure on the ball is really apparent, he fits the right side of the back three perfectly, absolutely delighted he came back to us and I hope he's here for years to come.
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    Welcome Rekeem Harper

    He's still only 22, got a long time to fulfill his early potential, hopefully the start of that can be with us.
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    Exeter City v Wycombe Wanderers Matchday Thread

    Nombe is on a 3 year contract already at least so that's some consolation.
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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    The football manager approach.
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    Exeter City v Port Vale Match day Thread

    Think that was a bit soft but I'll take it, 2-0 lovely.
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    Lincoln City v Exeter City Match day thread!!

    Jevani is on it today.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Armani Little has signed for FGR after leaving Torquay.
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    Defining moments

    I agree, it's clear MT has tried to learn from his mistakes season after season, I also believe dedicating last season to the blooding of young players was crucial, he's said as much himself. One more thing I would add is the clear improvement in our attacking play from set pieces, can't recall...
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    That Logie winner was special, always remember the footage of Perryman on the phone in the dugout.
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    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    I think Phillips is the sort of player who won't come 'good' till late in his career, physically he's already there so I feel it's just a matter of him improving his decision making and technically ability, it won't be with us anyway.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    I've always liked Sweeney so was pleased when we signed him again but I don't think anyone could've predicted he'd be this brilliant this season.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    I don't want to adhere to all the stereotypes now that I've moved here.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Dieng has been crucial, think he is the sort of player MT wanted to sign in his first season, we've always been technically good but physically haven't been that resilient till this season, think Dieng and Stubbs have really changed that.
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    The Final League Position Prediction Thread

    I think It's just the natural pessimism of most City fans after 6 years of almosts, I'd consider myself glass half full and even I was rooting for FGR half the time.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Cam has been unreal, you could see in the replay that the ST was clearly onside, think he's been vital this season, just as important as many of the last minute winners we've scored (I also spoke to him on a stag in Cardiff so I'm biased). He's Upper Lg1/Chmp quality easily, would be surprised...
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Can't believe I've not listened to this before, love it.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    I'm at work at 7, no way I'll regret it though.