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  1. Fareham Grecian

    Cambridge Utd FC v Exeter City FC Match Day Thread

    Surprised no-one has started this. Hoping for a productive trip to East Anglia though I’d take a point to keep our great start to the season going. UTC!
  2. Fareham Grecian


    Now admittedly I haven’t looked very hard, but I haven’t seen any updates on how Cheick and Jevani are doing - anyone?
  3. Fareham Grecian

    Exeter City FC v Oldham Athletic AFC Match Day Thread

    Where are you?! Let’s be avin’ you!
  4. Fareham Grecian

    Exeter City v Hartlepool Utd FA Cup 2nd Round Official Match Day Thread

    I did ok with my last MDT so let’s ‘ave this. Featured on the BBC, chance to show how good we can be, and the lure of the third round draw...
  5. Fareham Grecian

    Exeter City v Cambridge Utd FA Cup 1st round replay Official Match Day Thread

    Wot no MDT?? Some say the FA Cup is a distraction, and frankly if we had lost the original tie I wouldn’t have shed a tear. But now we are here we have a great chance of reaching the 3rd round. COME ON BAUYS!!
  6. Fareham Grecian

    Crawley Town v Exeter City matchday thread

    Where are ya? LET’S BE ‘AVIN’ YOU!!
  7. Fareham Grecian

    How far we have come...

    If anyone needs reminding what a laughing stock we were as a club a few short years go, and by contrast how far we have come
  8. Fareham Grecian

    Exeter City FC v Newport County AFC match day thread

    Where is everyone?? Never started one of these before! UTC!!
  9. Fareham Grecian

    Tisdale to Southampton

    Well someone had to start it...
  10. Fareham Grecian

    Rovers away

    Official site seems to be saying that seats are all sold for Sat? Anyone confirm?
  11. Fareham Grecian

    Tagg interview in Guardian Mostly the usual puff piece, but has a few nuggets which have relevance to past Exeweb discussions: - he earns £45k - our overall 'windfall' from the Pool games is 'over £500k' but nowhere near a...
  12. Fareham Grecian

    Tisdale to Reading

    Can't believe no-one has started this!
  13. Fareham Grecian

    New ticket prices

    No thread on this yet? Got to be good news and more evidence that the club has belatedly started to listen to the fans?
  14. Fareham Grecian

    Email re Gargoyle tickets

    Just had an email from Andy Gillard at the club about arrangements for ticketing for the green slime game in Feb. Very clearly sets out the procedure for known fans to get tickets, and includes my club login details. I can't remember getting such a clear and helpful email before, so I thought...
  15. Fareham Grecian

    Never forget how good Tiswas was

    Well it was, wasn't it
  16. Fareham Grecian

    Taylor and Hackett loans extended

    Good news?
  17. Fareham Grecian

    Matthew Whichelow

    A spelling mistake waiting to happen...
  18. Fareham Grecian

    SJP redevelopment

    Now this may be just my advanced age, but I have just found on the last set of Trust minutes that a presentation on ground redevelopment was due to be held on 27 Jan, and after a (admittedly cursory) search on here and on the Trust site I can't find any news/feedback/discussion after the...
  19. Fareham Grecian

    Funniest interview ever Apologies if this has been posted before. A genuine interview from Dutch TV with a man who has lost his testicles. The interviewer was sacked. You don't need to know a word of Dutch...
  20. Fareham Grecian

    Krysiak No. 1 keeper

    Interesting revelations on the EDGs thread: Tis sees Artur as our no. 1 keeper. Stand by for PateUSA to spontaneously combust.