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    Exeter City tour of Finland 1999

    Could someone help me with a few stats please. In 1999 (I think) Exeter played pre-season in Finland around the Helsinki district. Could anyone give me the names, dates and scores from any of the matches played? I think PK-35 was the opposition for one game.
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    Oldham Away

    Right then, I'm on my yearly mission to tick off another new stadium and this season it will be Boundary Park Oldham. Anyone else making this trip?
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    Tisdale....only planning for the short term!

    I get the feeling that a few of Tisdale's recent decisions point to short term gain. Harley, and Hamer being the most notable. Reading between the lines he will be off at the end of this season. You heard it here first[tap]
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    Blue and yellow striped away end?

    Sorry if this subject has been touched on previously, but why has somebody decided to paint the back of the away end with blue and yellow stripes? Did a Torquay fan get in overnight, or were we given a cheap load of paint to use? Either way, it looks ridiculous seeing the rest of the ground is...
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    Plymouth Hurricane Apeal

    PLYMOUTH HURRICANE APPEAL A major hurricane (Hurricane Shazza) and earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter Scale hit Plymouth in the early hours of Tuesday with its epicentre in Swilly . Victims were seen wandering around aimlessly, muttering "Faaackinell". The hurricane decimated the area...
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    Peter Reid

    gets beaten at home (no surprise there) by the Monkey hangers. How ironic !Home Park - a fortress for away teams........:D
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    Guess the stadium?

    Below is another stadium recently ticked off........but can anyone guess the name.
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    A Picture for Porkus......

    Just for you Porkus - taken at Camps Bay Cape Town
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    Exeter flag for South Africa

    Has anybody got a decent St. Georges flag with Exeter City emblazoned across it that I could borrow to take to South Africa for the first two England games? Nothing massive as it's got to fit in my luggage. It would be great to fly the Exeter flag and you never know it might be seen on TV...
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    FAO. Porkus

    Welcome to Division 1[party][party]
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    Tannoy Again !

    What a bloody shambles with the tannoy again this afternoon. There I was trying to listen to the introduction of the Championship winning side when the commentary kept breaking up. What a f*cking shambles on a day that should have been so good for those ex-players. How many more f*cking years...
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    Yeovil Tickets wanted.

    If anyone has any spare away end tickets for tomorrow please pm me and I will reply as soon as I can. Thank you.
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    Wayne Carlisle

    What a fantastic pass for Chesterfield's goal:D Grecian through and through !
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    Exeter Cheifs v Bristol tickets !

    If anyone is interested I have two seating tickets for sale at face value - please pm me if wanted.
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    City fans abroad

    I had a strange coincidence whilst in New York a few days ago. I was on the Hudson River cruise taking in the sights with a part of my mind on the game at MK Dons when the guy beside us got his mobile out and proudly announced to his two boys ' Exeter are winning 2-1' It transpires he was a...
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    A Day Without Sunshine....

    is always brightened up when Argyle and little ol Torquay lose Haw,haw,haw!
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    Serious Argyle Question ?

    I can't be bothered to trawl through the scores, but can somebody with a little bit of Argyle knowledge please tell me when was the last time Plymouth won a league game after going a goal down?
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    Tranmere Keepers Gloves!

    Did anyone else see the size of the keepers gloves today? Its no wonder he couldn't catch the ball, they were like those big foam hands the Echo gave out for Wembley. I've never seen anything so ridiculous :D
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    Flybe to Leeds

    I have just booked the Flybe flight for the Leeds match. Fly up Friday returning on Sunday, anyone else planning this trip?
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    What Team Will We Get Points From In League 1 ?

    Looking at the teams we are playing next season, realistically what teams do you expect to get points from? There are some tough looking fixtures ahead.