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  1. memoman

    Team for Monday vs Colchester

    We need to get Williams further up the pitch, and his cutting inside could leave space for Richardson to overlap. Maxted gets the nod, partly in light of Ward's mistake, and due to his penalty saving record. -------------------Maxted----------------- Richardson Sweeney Martin Woodman Williams...
  2. memoman

    Play-off final venue

    Is it time to have a look at whether Wembley is a suitable venue for play-off finals for L2 and the Conference, possibly L1 as well? The highest attendance for a L2 final since the play-offs were introduced was 61,000 in 2007 (when Wembley had just opened) and most are around half full...
  3. memoman

    Levi Landricombe

    The Tiverton striker scored a hat-trick yesterday to take his tally up to 19 goals for the season. Scored 22 in 25 last season after joining from Plymouth Parkway. Not sure how old he is but hope City are monitoring his progress. Seems to score for fun.
  4. memoman

    City reserves

    Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere but we drew 2-2 with Bournemouth's under-21s on Tuesday night. Matt Jay and Liam McAlinden the scorers
  5. memoman

    Fantasy Football 2016/17

    Made an Exeter City Supporters League for all you FPL players. The code is 2653074-614928. Whoever remembers to play after about October will probably win!
  6. memoman

    Worries down the A38

    Things go from bad to worse for the Gargs. After being outclassed in the play-off final they now have just three players contracted, whilst Jamille Matt has chosen the Oystons at Blackpool over a return to Gnome Park. The janners are getting worried...
  7. memoman

    League 2 Released Players

    Should be plenty of players for Tisdale to consider over the summer. Cambridge start things off:
  8. memoman

    Are we the lower league Arsenal?

    Was reading an article on the Guardian website earlier asking whether Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke's relationship is 'too cosy' and it got me thinking about whether, in a funny way, Arsenal and ourselves are in similarly frustrating situations, albeit at either end of the football pyramid...
  9. memoman

    Should we have an Exeweb Poll on the Managerial issue?.

    Tisdale Poll Surely the debate on here means it's worthwhile to gauge the opinion of Exewebbers with a new poll?
  10. memoman

    Time to trust the yoof?

    Much is made of the number of home-grown players that have been brought through in recent years and that looks set to continue with the U21s impressing in the PL Cup once again. Why then does Tis appear so reluctant to play them at the moment? Looking at the team from Saturday, the 14 players...
  11. memoman


    Very interesting to see our fellow Trust side's constant L2 underachievement. A club of their stature should be winning promotion at a canter. A Pompey friend says the squad is massive, something like 28 players, and full of rubbish apart from Jed Wallace - without who they'd be in the drop...
  12. memoman

    Alan Gow return?

    From what I can see Gowser still hasn't signed for a club since his Bristol Rovers loan ended. Should Tis offer him a pay-as-you-play deal until the end of the season or not? I personally think he has unfinished business here, after leaving in circumstances that at the time were out of both his...
  13. memoman

    Football Manager 15

    Good game this year, if you make sure to sort out defending from corners. Currently 6th with City after 10 games despite an early season defensive crisis. New strike duo Freddy Eastwood and Enoch Showunmi are proving formidable. How is everyone else finding it?
  14. memoman

    Living Wage at ECFC? What are people's opinions on this? I'm sure there are staff paid by the club who are on less than the living wage, so would you like to see it introduced? I believe Exeter City Council recently adopted it. I hope the club consider it. Wouldn't cost...
  15. memoman

    'The Rise of the City' poster?

    Hi all, Was rummaging through my City tickets and newspaper clippings of the last decade recently, and realised I was missing one of the 'Rise of the City' film posters they did in 2008, but I'm not sure if they were made into actual posters or was it just a funny mock-up in the paper? Cheers
  16. memoman

    The 'Sorry Tis' Thread

    Football fans are fickle and I admit to being one. After the start we'd made it really looked like Tis was out of ideas. I am quick to condemn clubs for dispensing with managers so early in the season, so to have supported the 'Tisdale Out' petition was hasty and regrettable. Tis often comes...
  17. memoman


    Somehow managed to get the 2-1 Reid FGS Devon derby scorecast correct last season, though only put a quid on @ 60-1 :( 1-1 with Banton opening the scoring is my tip this year!
  18. memoman

    Exeweb Beat the Bookie 2014-15

    Reluctantly stepped in to replace Elvis for the 2014-15 edition of the world famous game. Big blue suede shoes to fill... Regular punters will be familiar with the rules, handily copied and pasted from last year: "Open to anybody to join with a starting balance of £1000.00. Before each round of...
  19. memoman

    Soccer Sight 2014/15

    Pleased to announce that the Soccer Sight service will be continuing this season, with live commentary on every first team home fixture. Starting tomorrow evening with the visit of Reading. Headsets are available for blind & partially sighted fans from reception on matchdays. Let's hope we see...
  20. memoman

    Grecian Talk 2013-14

    We'll have our first show of the season soon after the QPR game. In the meantime, we're running a L2 table prediction comp. Details here: