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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    If only we could convert a percentage of these draws into wins... Really need to tighten up at the back. If not replacements will be needed by January.
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    The problem isn't the keeper, it is the leaky defense. Really surprised with Matt Taylor in charge we have such a weak backline.
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    We use parentheses to enclose information that can be left out. Just a tip like...
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    I nominate Exelurker as the king of the Parentheses ( ).
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    Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    Stockley was like a lazy Freddie Flintoff, he looked leaden legged from the first minute. I am nearly 50 and swear I could outpace him. After his great start he is now looking totally innefective up front. We need a new striker for next season without a shadow of a doubt!
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    The Xmas/New Year period

    I'd be more wary of The Trust blowing smoke up the untouchable one's proverbial than anything else.
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    Exeter City tour of Finland 1999

    Just found this on-line it was 2002 not 1999 Tour of Finland. FC Honka drew 3-3 Atlantis won 5-1 PK 35 won 3-1
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    Exeter City tour of Finland 1999

    Could someone help me with a few stats please. In 1999 (I think) Exeter played pre-season in Finland around the Helsinki district. Could anyone give me the names, dates and scores from any of the matches played? I think PK-35 was the opposition for one game.
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    Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City prediction thread

    I predict a enthralling 0-0 draw with a penalty miss for one of the sides.
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    Ryan Harley

    Harley has no confidence after spurning his chance of a big move, currently a poorer player second time around for Exeter City. A bench warmer at best.
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    It's been a while - yay or nay

    Nay! Home form justifies this decision.
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    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Official Matchday Thread

    For the sake of everyone involved with the club Paul Tisdale please resign!
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    Who is not going on Saturday due the Ticketing policy or Prices at ECFC?

    I didn't go today due to this ridiculous pricing policy...£19.00 saved! Thinking of staying away until Tisdale goes. Three seasons of dire drivel at the park is too much to take.
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    The Day we played Brazil (the play) - 16-27th July

    The night was a huge success. Only a few odd spare seats. Drinks and food in the Forum then up to the Theatre for a fantastic production. Auction at the end was a big success.
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    Things that are overrated..........

    Jimmy Choos New Years Eve Oysters Backpacking
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    Things that are overrated..........

    Exeweb ....
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    Oh don't worry I intend to enjoy every minute. I hear the grapes are a little sour out there, I'll bring you some back!
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    I wouldn't want you as my accountant Shabba :-)
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    I think you need to look closer to home to see where the money is being hemorrhaged!
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    Any more news on Brazil?

    There is quite a few people traveling independently and paying nowhere near 2 grand so your figures are very inaccurate.