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  1. ECFC89

    Forest Green Rovers vs Exeter City match day thread

    The negativity Hahahaha Don’t worry we might go down next year ‘Only beat what’s in front of you’ that’s exactly what we’re doing and we will finish in the top half tonight doing just that. Yes had a few beers. But the terminal nature of this place after Burton last week was embarrassing. Go...
  2. ECFC89

    Forest Green vs Exeter - discussion and prediction thread

    Just a note to people calling for a flat back four. Everytime we seem to do this under Taylor it never seems to work out. Maybe for the very odd game, but usually we are very poor in a flat back four.
  3. ECFC89

    The Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    Football's a team game. Matt Taylor is not about to crowbar Stansfield into the team at the expense of his successful formation. Another factor is loyalty to Sam Nombe. If he were to stick to the same formation, dropping Nombe would be a huge slap in the face for Sam. You have to keep morale...
  4. ECFC89

    Summer Transfer Thread

    CJ Hamilton
  5. ECFC89

    Would any of the current squad get into your all time city 11

    Genuinely don’t know the answer to this question, but just to throw it in if it’s the case ; is this statistically the highest an Exeter City side has ever been in the football pyramid (excluding two weeks ago when we were 2nd) ?
  6. ECFC89

    Would any of the current squad get into your all time city 11

    Lot of nostalgia will tint opinions you feel....
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    As well as Joey Barton, Darrel Clarke of Port Vale,another side we were promoted with, commenting on the fact he hasn't bought in the bodies he needs to, deals have looked like they are about to happen and haven't materialized, and that he's not going to bring just anyone in to appease the fan...
  8. ECFC89

    Lincoln City v Exeter City Match day thread!!

    Negatives: Amazed at how people think Lincoln will be mid table. They were, I thought, very poor. After last year seeing how much of a advantage was, surprised how leggy we looked in the final 15. However, great to get off the mark early doors and great to see us compete so well. First 30...
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    Maybe for a couple of years. Dangerous thing this. Exiles being salty. It's financial for a lot of people.
  10. ECFC89

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Is it annoying to say the people who were unhappy about our previous window, are the ones who are becoming twitchy about this one?
  11. ECFC89

    Are we approaching a Crossroads

    No idea how old you are lad, but Luton used to be regularly top flight. Still agree with the main point mind.
  12. ECFC89

    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Probably why people think you're over reacting.
  13. ECFC89

    The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread

    Unless he's ill tell him to go anyway!
  14. ECFC89

    League 2 news 2021/22

    Watching this on sky makes you realise how good our home and away atmosphere is. Mansfield sold out away end and you could hear a pin drop.
  15. ECFC89

    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    Josh Key has gone. Agreed in January.
  16. ECFC89

    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Dad first took me when I was six. Thought he was a b******* for doing so. Turns out he knew these moments of joy were absolutely worth all the years or hurt!
  17. ECFC89

    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Unlucky mate. We're going up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ECFC89

    How to Spend our Windfall

    There is no windfall. It has already been accounted for when financing the training ground.
  19. ECFC89

    Tickets Colchester Match - Club PR - Tickets selling fast!

    Cannot wait for this to descend into what is fair and what is not. Any other system people come up with on here, will be to the benefit of the group they find themselves in. I am not in any group, but go to most away games. I have always managed to get a ticket. I have a ticket for Northampton...