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  1. Steve H

    Albums of 2020

    It's not been a great year for music in terms of recording in lockdown and not being able to tour but there were still some great albums Fish - Weltschmerz Bryce - Volume of Things Ulver - Flowers of Evil A.A. Williams - Forever Blue Witch of the Vale - Commemorate
  2. Steve H

    Why Terrace Life?

    I thought they made the retro replica kits for lots of clubs but why did they get involved with retrieving the Red Legion banner? Not knocking their efforts and thanks to them, but I'm curious as to why they did...
  3. Steve H

    albums of 2019

    Always interested to know what other people are listening to away from the dross that pumps out of Heart or Radio 1 My top five (in alphabetical order) would be: Alcest - Spiritual Instinct Cult of Luna - A Dawn to Fear New Model Army - From Here Tusks - Avalanche Yola - Walk Through Fire
  4. Steve H

    Albums of the year

    Not been a classic year for new music but my top three would be Tusks - Dissolve Myrkur - Mareidt Public Service Broadcasting - Every Valley
  5. Steve H


    After last night's horrific news from Manchester I assume we can expect there to be a lot more security over the weekend in London for big events.... while it may take a bit longer to get in I would hope there will be rigourous checking of bags etc Thought are with all those families affected...
  6. Steve H

    Away goal rules

    Do the league rules differ from our last play offs?? Seem to remember that away goals never counted but if that has changed then I guess it may affect how we approach the first leg
  7. Steve H

    Cambridge. Away - a special game

    This will be my first away game since the Wembley victory but this will be more special I travelled to a few away games in my youth, from Grimsby to Lincoln to Forest Green and others but as the older members of Exeweb Will appreciate marriage and children can mean the occasional home game is...
  8. Steve H

    Davis Cup

    Now I'm not a great tennis fan but that forehand by the Canadian teenager into the face of the umpire was amazing !!!! I feel sorry for the lad as that was automatic disqualification but I bet he going repeat that if he tried Anyway onwards and upwards - the British won a round without Mr A...
  9. Steve H

    David Noble

    Now I was surprised to see Noble released and thought he still had another season in him but he's been available on a free for a month or two now and not even a non leave team has shown interest... Is he asking for too much in his demands or is it just he's not as good as we thought as no other...
  10. Steve H

    JMT and repositioning

    The more I watch of JMT this season the more he looks less of a commanding centre half.... at the start of the season Brown and Tillson formed a really good understanding and defensively we looked solid. JMT then came back from injury and Tillson got shunted into defensive midfield and I've...
  11. Steve H

    Transfer comparison with Curzon

    please correct this if I'm wrong but my guess is we have not paid a fee for any of our current squad... and yet I read Curzon being 4 div's lower still managed to pay £1,500 for one of their strikers 2 questions: Did they have a whip round among their 200 fans ? Do we have any money...