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  1. memoman

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Presumably we've enquired about Jokull? He's still at Reading and appears to be 4th choice.
  2. memoman

    Next Season's Home Shirt - Supporters Choice

    Will it be available in a long sleeve version?
  3. memoman

    Carlisle - Saturday 9th April

    Remember it well. Friends were sending over replays of all our wrongly disallowed goals as I was stood in the away end!
  4. memoman

    The Auto(s) Charge

    At this stage if we can beat Colchester, Rochdale and Barrow at home and pick up a couple of away points, we should be okay. Hopefully we won't need much against Northampton and Port Vale - not sure my nerves could handle it.
  5. memoman

    January Transfer Window 2022

    What about Dieng up front temporarily with Kite alongside Collins? Think he played there a bit for Southend.
  6. memoman

    City v Rovers Build Up

    Was there a cash turnstile on the Big Bank for the Bradford game and will this be in operation on Saturday as well?
  7. memoman

    Kabongo Tshimanga

    Tshimanga and Danny Rowe is a great strike force for the Conference
  8. memoman

    League 2 play offs 2020/21 discussion thread

    Would love to see that, purely for the look on Adams' face. Glad Tranmere have stayed down. Looking forward to a weekend on Merseyside next season, unless it's midweek.
  9. memoman

    Matt Taylor Leaving?

    Or Taggy might just ring Tis.
  10. memoman

    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    Well they're only 16 so they can't expect to play much yet, but training with the first team and gradually phasing them in (Pizza Cup and the odd sub appearance) will put them in great positions to hit the ground running when they reach 17/18.
  11. memoman

    Retained List 2021

    Agree. Refreshingly honest but also a bit too open. Not sure he'll be on Tom Parkes' Christmas card list especially.
  12. memoman

    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    I'd advise the opposite. In 2-3 years at City they'll become far better players than they will in the same time at Chelsea / Man Utd playing fairly uncompetitive and inconsequential youth football. Money isn't everything, especially at their age.
  13. memoman

    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    Taylor says decisions expected on Lee and Cox in next few days or couple of weeks. Hopes both will sign contracts.
  14. memoman

    Welcome Lewis Page

    Page has done well considering his injury record, but it has been easier to manage his fitness with 5 subs. You wouldn't want to use up one of your usual 3 subs most weeks swapping the left-back. Good luck to him if he does move on - played well for us this season. Certainly has the technical...
  15. memoman

    Politics Today

    Had high hopes for Starmer but he's been very disappointing as leader. Think Labour would be wise to cut their losses and appoint a popular northern figure like Andy Burnham to avoid losing the north for good, like they did Scotland. He's not an MP anymore but I'm sure someone can be shifted...
  16. memoman

    Exeter v Barrow - Discussion

    Ultimately I think at the start of the season we'd have taken this position with one game left. If we make the play-offs, great. If not, the extra time working on the pitch and squad overhaul in the next few weeks will put us in a great position for next season. I'd go for the same side on...
  17. memoman

    Bolton Wanderers v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Up the City! What a joyous moment when Pierce nodded it home. If only we could have been there to celebrate it. Bring on Barrow next week and let's hope our old mates Tis and Keith Curle do us a favour. I think we deserve a bit of final day luck after that tortuous 0-0 at Forest Green a couple...
  18. memoman

    Exeter City Vs Grimsby Town Matchday Thread.

    Hard fought win and credit to the team, but can't help but feel that Salford winner has probably ended our season. League Two's been full of strange results this year though, so who knows. Glad to see Fish get another goal as he seems to be a likeable, hard-working pro. Surprised he hasn't been...
  19. memoman

    Exeter City Vs Newport County Matchday Thread

    But losing three P/O finals in four years does? I don't think it's naive to suggest that having a captain who's achieved success helps with his influence and leadership in the dressing room. I'd try and sign Michael Bostwick to hopefully partner Stubbs. Got in the team of the year when Lincoln...
  20. memoman

    Exeter City Vs Newport County Matchday Thread

    What absolute rubbish. There'll be plenty of League One players out of contract who've won promotion from L2 before. If we're really, as Taylor says, going to be signing players of "serious stature" this summer then one or two such players should not be out of reach.