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  1. Red and White Zider

    Well done Steve

    Steve Perryman doesn't have a cockney accent, he hails from West London.
  2. Red and White Zider

    Player of the year

    Lee Holmes for me, best crosser of the ball that we've had for years.
  3. Red and White Zider

    Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy

    Well we had 16 players but now have 13 so only 2 subs. If anyone wants a game tomorrow we could do with a couple of extras now for the bench but you will be guaranteed game time. Pm me.
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    Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy

    Prior to our match at Yeovil tomorrow there is the small matter of the Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy supporters charity match taking place between the City and Yeovil supporters teams. Kick off is at 11am on the top training pitch right next to Huish Park and as per normal funds go to the Adam...
  5. Red and White Zider

    Important Didcot train information

    It's possible but not quite as vast as the Didcot one.
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    Didcot Town away.

    Sorry Hants I did an Exeweb cardinal sin and started a new thread highlighting all of my info before checking others!
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    Important Didcot train information

    You may or now know that (First) Great Western Railway have agreed to stop the 08:30 Exeter St Davids to London Paddington service on Sunday morning additionally at Didcot Parkway to drop City fans off for the match. It was originally only booked to pass through non stop but after pulling a few...
  8. Red and White Zider

    Didcot tickets

    Pete you can Google earth it all you want but I've seen pics on Facebook that were taken today which shows a couple of extra stands have been added. The organisers know what they're doing, to think they'd allow no more than 950 is quite frankly laughable on your part and in reference to your...
  9. Red and White Zider

    Didcot tickets

    Popped to get my Barnet tickets earlier from the club and was told that Didcot are giving us an allocation of 800 tickets so there'll be plenty for everyone that wants to go. Should be going on sale over the counter tomorrow with phone and online sales starting this afternoon hopefully.
  10. Red and White Zider

    Newport away

    G2K get back to the ticket office mate as you've been sold the wrong tickets. You've been sold Off Peak period returns for each of the splits (return valid for up to 28 days). It's Off Peak Day returns you need which brings it down to a total £22.65.
  11. Red and White Zider

    Newport away

    If anyone is going by train then don't buy a through ticket Exeter to Newport as that is £48.80. Instead if you split the tickets into day returns from Exeter to Taunton and Taunton to Newport then it comes to a total fare of £34.30 so a £14.50 saving. Obviously will be cheaper again if you have...
  12. Red and White Zider

    Plymouth Argyle - JPT - Grecian Travel Details

    (First) Great Western Railway will be running an additional Football special train after the match. Departing Plymouth at 23:40 calling at Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Exeter St Davids arriving at 00:41. You won't find it publicised in the National Rail timetable but the train is definitely...
  13. Red and White Zider

    Newport away

    Ye Old Murenger House Gerry just around the corner from the station on the High Street, about a 5 minutes walk. It's a Samuel Smiths pub but is a good one, I've drank in there many times and it welcomes away fans too.
  14. Red and White Zider

    Another charity match - 16/08/15

    Greeting folks our Exeter City supporters team has another charity match taking place tomorrow against First Great Western trains Exeter staff. The match is jointly raising money for First Devon and Exeter prostate cancer care and the Adam Stansfield Foundation. For the former charity a workmate...
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    Roker Park away 89/90

    Try 1989 Pete not 1990
  16. Red and White Zider

    Northampton 2015/16

    Train then Russ! :D
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    The Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy charity match - City fans V Yeovil fans

    Next Saturday on the morning of the opening day of the season will see our annual Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy charity supporters match take place between our supporters team and the Yeovil supporters team. Yeovil currently hold the trophy after a 2-1 win at Elmore in May last year. The...
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    City v Stevenage live on Sky

    They might just host it from the commentary gantry
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    East Fife and Arbroath Away

    Hants the journey time on the train between Arbroath and Dundee ranges from 15 to 20 minutes and the last train back to Arbroath from Dundee is at 2303 so ample enough time to sample one, perhaps have a drink and then you can get the last train back. I spoke to Neil about an hour ago and he...
  20. Red and White Zider

    East Fife and Arbroath Away

    I know the team are.