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    Online home tickets

    Am trying to buy tickets for the stagecoach stand for Saturday on my mobile. Instead of letting me pick seats it’s pre selecting row b in block c. I want to sit nearer the back of the stand, assuming row b is near the front, but can’t find a way to do that. Any ideas? Will try on my iPad...
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    League cup aggregate win.

    I see man city v Burton ended up 10-0 on aggregate. I heard on the radio this morning that man city needed to win by three tonight to set a new record for a two leg league cup tie, and was wondering if we hold the record which will probably now never be beaten? We lost 11-0 on aggregate v...
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    Is our academy one of the best in country?

    This was claimed on Twitter and Coventry fan jumped in calling it laughable because we are not in top two cats. Claimed he had never heard of ampadu or wheeler and assumed all our players mentioned were just kids. Had a bit of fun discussing this with him, he came up with a list of their...
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    Seat views

    Looking for some helpful advise from anyone who has sat in some of the cheaper areas at previous Wembley matches. Last season we had category 3 £44 pound seats which were a very good view , but I am wondering what the views are like for the £26 and £32 seats closer to the pitch. I am using the...
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    Lincoln away line up

    For me, Pym Sweeney JMT Storey Moxey Tillson Wilson Boateng Taylor Edwards Stockley Subs Jones Woodman James Harley Simpson Mcalinden Jay Don't think this will be the side mind, wouldn't surprise me if Harley, James and Simpson all start instead. Would set up with Tillson defensive...
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    Congratulations to wycombe

    Promoted to league one.
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    Home form

    Absolutely fantastic and amazing to be doing so well at home after four and a half seasons of generally terrible home form. In the past calendar year I make it in 25 home league games (including the home play off leg) we have won 16 with 3 draws and 6 losses. It seems like we have found a...
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    Saturday 22nd

    Firstly we obviously need to get the points, ideally with a comfortable margin to aid our goal difference and avoid shredding everyone's nerves. There are however some huge other games Think Blackpool will win home to Cheltenham although Cheltenham aren't fully safe Need Plymouth to do us a...
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    Who should play left back in the run in?

    Assuming that Woodman's injury will see him miss the rest of the season, Tisdale probably shouldn't have claimed he was capable of playing with a broken arm! Imagine JMT will continue in the centre, so imagine the options are Luke Croll or Connor Riley-Lowe. Am guessing Croll is likely to get...
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    Swindon prediction thread

    They will make more changes than us. I think we might win 2-1 in front of 1400. I don't think I will bother going, hopefully if it's not on Grecian player Swindon will cover it. Would be the first home no show from me. 10k up for grabs. Easier to win than the fair play trophy(and think we are...
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    Doncaster prediction thread.

    We will lose two nil. Coppinger will score. Crowd will just make 3000. People will claim it's not Tisdale's fault, and either applaud or drift away. I should stay away but I will be there, and hopeful again on the bank. Please surprise me.
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    Trust agm motion

    Doug Gillard on the Exeter city supporters discussion group Facebook page is raising a motion at the agm to investigate the managers contract, specifically I believe to call for any notice period to be triggered and to see if there are other ways to change it without large financial costs...
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    Injury suspension roll call

    Ok, so Harley is out for four weeks apparently. Tillson is long term, and can't remember what the timescale was but I believe that brown is long term too. Add to that Moore Taylor presumably missing the next three matches. Ampadu is I guess fit but unable to train due to his schooling so if he...
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    Bristol rovers v Exeter central league

    Apparently the central league is a newly formed reserve competition. We are currently away to rovers. Team is Pym, Egan, storey, down, Riley-Lowe, Hargreaves, Byrne, Randall, Collins, Jay, mcalinden. Rovers have several first teamers playing according to the Bristol post blog. City went one...
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    Hull city line ups

    Hopefully the players that featured today have come through the match unscathed, which gives us a reasonable squad to pick from with some options off the bench. with Holmes out for a longer period I imagine we would also still be without TAH and wheeler unless there is a late surprise...
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    Accrington Stanley v Exeter city match day thread

    Thought I just as well start this before I leave for work. Come on city, we really need to get points on the board today and preferably three of them. Will be tuning into Grecian player this afternoon to see what happens.
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    Minimum Standards

    Has been discussion previously that the club should set targets or standards for the manager so that he is accountable for his performance. Thought I would have a go at setting some to see how he does month by month(assuming he will be here for the duration of the season) It would probably...
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    Tomorrows Game

    I have read quite a bit since the season has started and during the last few seasons city fans saying they are either not going to as many games as they used to, or have stopped going altogether due to the home form and the performances they have seen. Pete Martin has put up a poll on Facebook...
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    Income and budgets

    Came across the figures given by Julian tagg about a year ago concerning our actual income for 2014/15 and budget for 2015/16. The figures given were Football league and cups 737k and 726k Gate money. 915k and 887k Commercial. 567k and 668k Trust...
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    The art of PR.

    We all want a successful club, we all want a positive atmosphere, we aren't ever likely to be the biggest club in our division. That is probably three things we can all agree on. However it's vital that as a club we try to be the best we can possibly be. I have no experience of running a...