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  1. urinal

    Does anybody know…

    how Argyle got on against MK Dons?
  2. urinal

    Desribe your last fart using only the title of a movie

    Apocalypse Now
  3. urinal

    £500 a week cap on benefits How you have to feel sorry for those poor wretched souls who will have "only" a £500 a week maximum in benefits! And, of course, it's the evil Tories imposing the limit.
  4. urinal

    Well done Exeter Chiefs

    Heineken Cup this year please.
  5. urinal

    This news sory has a familiar ring to it

    I wonder why we didn't hear about on UK news. Should be news "story" of course.
  6. urinal

    A couple of cracking old adverts
  7. urinal

    TV programmes to watch this week

    BBC1 Panorama. Dying for a drink? 8.30 Monday The TA And The Taliban, Watch, 9.00 Thursday.
  8. urinal

    The Jeremy Kyle Show

    Anybody else watched this? And Maury and Jerry Springer? How about this skank.
  9. urinal

    Bad news for fat bastards Should the obese be made to pay for their years of stuffing their faces and being a lazy person or should they be ridiculed into losing weight?
  10. urinal

    Good news for fat arses
  11. urinal

    Lloyd Cole in Exeter

    Found this while trawling through youtube. Does anyone have other clips of Exeter in the past?
  12. urinal

    Then and now Imagine marrying that minx in 1980 and then having to wake up to an old f*cking boiler like that in 2010.
  13. urinal

    Montpellier - Chiefs

    Give me a shout if you're coming down. Cheers
  14. urinal

    When I was a lad.....

    It's just occured to my rather adled brain that the city of Exeter has rarely seen such success on a sporting level. Not only have City just mullered Sheffield Wednesday the team whch played in the 1966 FA Cup Final but we will soon be playing Southampton, winners of the 1976 final. Next Sunday...
  15. urinal

    Meanwhile, on the Daily Mash....
  16. urinal

    Only one thing to say with...

    City winning away and the sh*te losing at home.
  17. urinal

    Devastating news

    My niece has just found out that she is pregnant from the devil's spawn of a Torquay fan. Although, Exeter born and bred, this mental retard decided that he was going to turn his back on the mighty City and support the sh*tehawks. Many phone calls have been made to make sure that the offspring...
  18. urinal

    Wierd Al Yankovic Genius or sh*te? Discuss.
  19. urinal

    So the sleeping giants of Cornwall.....

    have lost at home to Hartlepool. Not long before Reid's out on his earhole I imagine. GUFFAW
  20. urinal

    Gargoyle VS Brighton

    0-2 at half-time Guffaw