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    Help Save Bury FC

    Having had bad owners ourselves in the past I am sure most of us have a great deal of sympathy for the thousands of Bury Fans who are devastated by what is happening to their club, I have a very close friend who has supported Bury FC for over 50 years and is absolutely devastated by what is...
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    Michael Owen on loan

    Two of the biggest planks to ever walk the earth were sat behind me in the OG today. They chatted non stop to each other throughout the whole game at the top of their voices. The conversation was varied to say the least but was mostly a load of old boll*cks, the funniest conversation went as...
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    X box 360 x box live advice please

    Hi Everybody My 10 year old son has an XBOX 360 and I have recently set him up on X BOX live so he can play his mates etc. The problem is that his mates are either on at different times or play different games. He wants to play FIFA 11 and FIFA World Cup against other people online, I have set...
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    League One team of the week

    Should make very good reading this week, I wonder what the record is for the most players from one team in the team of the week ?
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    Food / Drink based Footballers

    A little fun to pass time until the rain stops. I will start with Marcus Stew art Richard Logan Josh Nani Bread Patrik Berger Jermaine Easter Egg
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    Southend FC

    Just been watching Sky Sports News and heard that the Southend plavers have still not been paid their January wages and are also due their February wages in the next few days. There is a lot of stuff on the internet about this and I was wondering just how serious the situation is there. If...