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  1. tavyred

    UEFA Statement-European Super League.

    Could get interesting.
  2. tavyred

    RIP Garth Wright. (PAFC)

    Just heard via friends the sad news that long time Argyle supporter Garth Wright has passed away. Garth was famous for blowing his bugle during games at Home Park. I think I'm right in saying that 98 year old Garth was both a Dunkirk and D-Day veteran, suffice to say he lead a remarkable life...
  3. tavyred

    In Praise Of The Club`s Owners.

    As a mere punter and city fan for most of my fifty odd years, it seems appropriate in the current climate to bung a bit of praise in the direction of the owners, namely The Trust. The way the Trust has quietly handled matters in the face of some quite negative press has been exemplary, the fact...
  4. tavyred

    Why Is Tisdale Not Universally Popular With The Fanbase?

    Is it us (some of us!)or him? He’s given us two promotions, our highest ever league finish, presided over the creation of one the finest youth set ups outside the top two divisions and then resultant unprecedented financial stability. Why then do I find him arrogant, unlikeable and want him...
  5. tavyred

    Poppies..Why So Misunderstood?

    I can't be the only one who every year is shocked at the ignorance of some as to the meaning of the wearing of the poppy. From lefty newsreaders and celebrities to sportspeople, why can't some people separate the sacrifice of individual service men and women from the political decision to send...
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    The latest affront to the freedom's we tend to take for granted is playing out to a predictable grisly end in and around Paris as I write this. I do sense with this case a widespread sea change in attitudes toward religious fundamentalism in Europe. Western Europe has been a beacon for the...
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    Overtime And Hoilday Pay Despite the ruling today this could be years off, but much needed in my view. I have had colleagues give up annual leave solely because they couldn`t afford to take the hit in their wages without overtime,not a healthy state of affairs if we consider...
  8. tavyred

    Are You A Giver Or A Taker?

    Despite 5 years of a Tory led government who assured us that they would rebalance the economy,it's still shocking to see that more families take more out than they contribute. Clearly more time is needed to wean us off our dependence on other people's money...
  9. tavyred

    The Power Of Communication

    Interesting press release here from the Shrewsbury Board after a disappointing season for them. This is the way people who profess to run a club should act in my opinion. Their refreshing openness and a willingness to recognise their mistakes is in stark to our people who remain silent whilst...
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    Faith Schools Clearly the alleged shenanigans in Brum show the dangers of letting organised religion anywhere near our children and their education. Perhaps the French secular approach might be the way forward if we can`t protect our kids from the religious nuts...
  11. tavyred

    As A Non-Trust Member....

    ....and life long City supporter, can I thank you for saving the club a few years back but please, please call an EGM or whatever you call it and sell your stake in ECFC asap. The Trust-model experiment as practised by you chaps isn't working and you don`t seem to possess the wherewithal to...
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    FGM...A National Disgrace! Another example of child abuse that seems to have been ignored in a bid no doubt not to upset the communities that the perps emanate from. 66k victims of this disgusting practice and not one prosecution!
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    Do You Feel Better Off?

    I had to smile to myself on hearing the proposition from Cameron and his government that aside from the top 10% of earners that wages are on the up. As a public sector worker perhaps my situation is different to those in the private sector, but I have to say I`m still in full time austerity mode...
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    EU Immigration.

    I have to say I`m getting heartily hacked off with the with the rather sensationalist media coverage of this rather thorny issue. Although like the majority of the British public the thought of unfettered access to our generous benefits system by the rest of Europe is rather galling, the fact is...
  15. tavyred

    Parasitic Scotland?

    Proof here, if anymore was needed that Scotland does very well out of the Union. I wonder if we in England were to enjoy Scottish levels of per capita funding, we too could afford free tuition fees, free prescriptions and free personal care for the elderly...
  16. tavyred

    Marine 'A'

    A lot of public support for this fella I see. A disgrace to his uniform, or someone who`s not done anything thousands of previous British Servicemen haven't been guilty of for generations? He`s still a hero in my eyes, what does everybody else think?
  17. tavyred

    ....Not Conducive To National Security? This the second time that I can remember where a suspected terrorist has donned a full length burka in order to make good his escape. Perhaps it`s time we as a country banned this divisive and non-essential cultural item of apparel like other western...
  18. tavyred

    Redundancies At TUFC. A personal tragedy for those effected, but perhaps a timely reminder for those like me who tend to gob off about the club more than we should. Clubs like ours are operating in straightened times and the fact that thus far we`ve not 'had to let...
  19. tavyred

    Anyone Seen The Black Pasty??

    Strong rumours that in a fit of abject depression the hapless passengers of the Black Pasty have decided to go out in blaze of glory by taking a detour through Burnthouse Lane. The last words of the Bhey Newall before he was over run are too distressing to repeat on a family forum! :)
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    5700!?.....A Rethink Needed?

    Pretty p** poor attendance today, 700 hundred or so down on last years derby game. Is it time to bin the latest priority ticketing system?