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    Who would you take to the Euro's?

    As the title suggests, who would you take to the Euro's? The maximum squad limit is 23 players of which 3 have to be goalkeepers. The players which I would definitely include at the moment if all remain fit; Goalkeeper Jake Butland- Has probably had the best season out of all the English...
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    2015/16 bets

    Any of you lot doing bets this season?
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    Cerebral Palsy World Cup

    Just came across this interview; The competition starts next Tuesday
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    Dates for next season

    17th June 2015- Fixtures are released 8th August 2015- First day of 2015/16 Fooball League season Week of 10th August 2015- League cup first round Week of 24th August 2015- League cup second round Week of 31st August 2015- JPT first round 1st September 6pm- Transfer deadline Week of 5th...
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    Premier League predictions 2015/16

    At the moment I'm going for; 1. Chelsea 2. Man City 3. Arsenal 4. Man U 5. Spurs 6. Liverpool 7. Everton 8. Southampton 9. Swansea 10. Stoke 11. Palace 12. West Ham 13. Aston Villa 14. West Brom 15. Sunderland 16. Newcastle 17. Norwich 18. Bournemouth 19. Leicester 20. Watford
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    Billionaire to Carlisle?
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    Exeter to get money from the play offs

    Play off revenue; So the more people who turn up for the matches will be the best for you. Going by average attendances this season the fixture which will get the biggest attendance at Wembley will be Argyle (3rd in League 2 with 7,412) and Southend (5th with 6,024).
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    £1.9 billion on wages

    According to financial figures just released by Beloitte the Premier League last season spent £1.9 billion on wages. The figures also show it's the first time in 15 years that Premier League clubs are collectively in profit with a combined pre tax profit of £190m.
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    New FA plans

    The main points of the proposal (affecting the Prem) in a aim to improve the England squad is; A player will have to have been registered with his club from the age of 15 - down from 18 - to qualify as 'home-grown'. The minimum number of home-grown players in a club's first-team squad of 25...
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    It's time to come out of the closet Foxy

    That you're really a green. You were at Home Park a few games ago, admitted you spend about the same amount of time in Plymouth as you do in Exeter and you are going to Portsmouth the weekend we play Portsmouth.
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    Relegation for racism?

    In Blatter's recent press conference he has said;
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    Burt's new training ground

    For the next 5 years Bury will be training at Man City's former training ground.
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    Are you coming to Home Park?

    Are you lot coming to Home Park to watch your former player Matt Grimes? Only £3 a ticket. 3pm k/o on Sunday 29th March.
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    Champions League

    Last 16 results; PSG 1 Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1 Monaco 3 Man City 1 Barcelona 2 Shakhtar 0 Bayern Munich 0 FC Basel 1 Porto 1 Schalke 0 Real Madrid 2 Juventus 2 Dortmund 1 Bayer Leverkusen 1 Ath. Madrid 0
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    What time do you...?

    We've had what time do you normally get up, so what time do you normally go to be?
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    Argyle team preview

    The team we will likely start against you is; McCormick Nelson (right centre back), McHugh, Hartley (left centre back) Talbot (right wing back), O'Connor (defensive mid), Holmes Dennis (left wing back) Lee (centre mid), B. Reid (centre mid) Alessandra, Reid Bench: Bittner, Mellor...
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    Who would you try to get rid of in the summer?

    Who would get keep, release, try to get rid of or loan out in the summer? Goalkeepers Hamon, aged 19 Pym, aged 19 Defenders Butterfield, 35 Woodman, 32 Baldwin, 32 Riberio, 25 McAllister, 36 Moore-Taylor, 21 Riley Lowe, 19 Tillison, 21 Midfield Bennett, 24 Sercombe, 24 Oakley, 37 Keohane, 24...
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    Foxy and the Argyle Angels

    Foxy we know that you did like one of the angels before and the one time you turn up to Home Park there are no Argyle Angels. What have you done with them? Oh and we have 100% win ratio since they left
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    6 Nations Rugby 2015

    Currently Wales 10 England 5 16 mins in
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    57 years ago today

    Was the Munich Air Disaster